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What is a defining moment?


Earning your first million in your business or earning a medal in your sport could be considered a defining moment. But there are many other defining moments that are quieter and less visible. These were the ones that occur BEFORE you achieve success. When you encounter discouragement or the defeatist voice, that is also a defining moment.  When you meet discouragement and resolve to keep going...

How To Grow Your Blog’s Audience, And Fast!


Growing your blog is a marathon, not a sprint. And while it can be discouraging at first, you’re not alone! Growing your audience and getting readership is a long process, but the payoff is great. Here’s the rundown on how to build your blog, and how to keep them coming back. Network your butt off! Networking isn’t just an in-person skill. Put yourself out there! Connect with...

Let’s get movin’!


First blog post… This is quite exciting! Don’t quite have a clue on what the product of this is, but am eager to get started. Let’s just “jump right in” & get this started…Shall we?