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Fire Your Boss – 5 Step Action Plan


5-Step Action Plan To Fire Your Boss Want an Action Plan to Fire Your Boss this year?  Here are 5 simple steps you can take every day to grow your audience, develop personally and ultimately build the business of your dreams…oh and FIRE YOUR BOSS!   10 Minutes – Your VISION – Meditation & Visualization Spend time first thing in the morning to visualize and mentally...

Aren’t You Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?


    So my buddy Jeff just released his Laptop Lifestyle Formula that allowed him to make nearly $450,000 in his FIRST year in online marketing.     When I asked him how he did it he told me he had a gift for making complicated things really simple and developing online and lead funnels that produce $1,000 commissions like clockwork for him and his affiliates.    ...

The Value of Having a Mentor for Your Home Business


The Value of Having a Mentor for Your Home Business – Maury and Louise Dawson If you are fortunate enough to have found a mentor in any area of your life, then it is crucial that you recognize the value of that and that you cherish the relationship you have formed. This is especially true in business, where a mentor can help you to thrive and succeed far beyond what you would otherwise be capable...

Traveling Tuesdays Round Four – #83 Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020


Athens Traveling Tuesdays is starting Round Four this week.  We are going back to the beginning of the alphabet and this week we are going to Athens, Greece. Athens is the capital of Greece.  Records show the city’s origins go back 4000 years ago.  This makes Athens one of the oldest cities in the world. According to Greek mythology, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Poseidon, the lord of...

Welcome To FreeToEarn.Org !!


Welcome to FreeToEarn.Org !! I am excited that you are here.  I am excited for you, because you are now One Step Closer to achieving the lifestyle of financial freedom that you have only dreamed about until now.  Let Us Soar Together. I know that you have heard statements like the one above many times before, and each time you probably came up with some “logical”...

Stepping Toward My Future


Today I am beginning a new journey in my life.  I will be trying a new way of making a living.  It’s a new concept to me but I will have to put my faith in the new system, follow their leads.  Here we go…baby steps.

Free Yourself From the Things that Piss You OFF


This is a touch different than my normal writings…. But could improve your outlooks and productivity RAPIDLY. Mine have improved ten fold in less than a week! I want to share that in the last week I have connected many concepts. My friends, it is a freeing feeling knowing that you are productively and actively moving your self and business forward on a daily basis. I have been putting many...

What do you hunger for?


    What is your passion?  Many of us simply hope for our lives to be conducted in a fair and equal manner.  The reality is that hope is passive and an ingredient for time passing by with little change. If we truly want to aspire to achieving our dreams; deliberate actions need to be taken. The elephant in the room here is that successful people are focused, deliberate, avid readers and...