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What Is It You Want?


Recently I read an article by Jeff Lerner, one of the premier online marketers in the  business today. He said, “How to Achieve Everything You Want…..” I thought the information was perfect for sharing, so here is the meat of his article. Enjoy! Ask. Begin with a question. What is it you want? You must define the goal before you begin to chase it. Be clear and specific. Describe...

Traveling Tuesdays Round Three – #76 Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019


 Timbuktu Traveling Tuesdays is visiting a place starting with the letter ‘T’. I grew up hearing the expression Timbuktu.  When we asked Mom or Dad where we were going they would often respond “Timbuktu”.  I never knew if that was a real place or just an answer they would give because they didn’t know where were heading. I decided to research and see if there really...

Let’s get movin’!


First blog post… This is quite exciting! Don’t quite have a clue on what the product of this is, but am eager to get started. Let’s just “jump right in” & get this started…Shall we?

What do you hunger for?


    What is your passion?  Many of us simply hope for our lives to be conducted in a fair and equal manner.  The reality is that hope is passive and an ingredient for time passing by with little change. If we truly want to aspire to achieving our dreams; deliberate actions need to be taken. The elephant in the room here is that successful people are focused, deliberate, avid readers and...