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Do you remember taking your ACT or maybe SAT for some…  bear with me if this was not in your time period because I know this will connect to many people and there is more for those of you that it doesn’t.

Walk in twenty minutes early with butterflies in my stomach.  The stern faced, grey haired woman comes into the lobby addressing everyone.  “If suspected of cheating your test will be thrown out.  Make sure you have your phones off and keep track of time on your watch.  It is timed so DO NOT spend to much time on one question.  Each unanswered question counts against your score.”

Ok right here I am panicking, even though I have been preparing for weeks.  My inward panicking is coming because I am always the last person to finish normal tests in the class room.  I’m not talking just a couple minutes either.  I could have been anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes behind the other “last students” finishing.  Not bragging, but my slow test taking skill almost always resulted in me having a top score in the class.

Stepping back into the testing situation my name is called to go to the second testing room.  I remember feeling good about my science portion.  Moving to the reading, my comprehension felt muddled due to the rush to speed read.  Trying to remember the questions I had zoomed over trying to find triggers that lead me to the right answer.  Last, math….UGH…. math has never been my thing.  Go through many questions, start selecting answers because I am running out of time.  Losing the focus, all I can think about is you have ten minutes left and fifteen questions.  All in all the time got to me.  I quit even trying to figure questions out and started marking answers.  “C” is the most common multiple choice answer on the ACT, so you can guess what my last fifteen answers were.

I took the ACT three times before finally getting a semi acceptable score of “24.”  It was absolutely pushed for me to have a decent score or I would not graduate with many scholarships, which was huge to me.  It was always odd to me that so much was put on a score that did not show my true potential.  It showed that I was not good at taking timed tests that is for sure.

Today the concept came to me that way to much emphasis in the American Society is put on the Product.  Guess where that all started.  The school systems.  All students are judged on the end product, but never commended for what they put into the process.  This is the number one reason I took so long on my test because I always wanted it to be the best I knew it could be.  I have always been an enjoyer of the process, but that was not brought to my attention until listening to my audio this afternoon.

It also brought to my attention where so many things started going astray for me.  When I started becoming an anxious person.  Does this sound familiar?  Can you recall when things started feeling stressful?  When you started hurrying through things because you would not get reprimanded by your boss because things were not done on their time standards.  Maybe you still live this in your work place or home.  This is all a result in people wanting an end product without going through the process.

Do you remember buying your first car? Or do you remember the process you went through to earn the money?  You probably recall what your friends were doing, while you were working.

When my husband and I had our first child it was not an option for me to go back to work.  Yes it has been hard at times, but I wanted to be with my family.  Not just with my growing baby, but my amazing husband.  It is all because I wanted to enjoy the process.  The process of being a mother and wife.  The process of the relationships being built.  The process of enjoying the ranch life and horses, not answering to the product a boss would want at the end of each day.  Do you find yourself wanting to enjoy the processes more instead of being the product?  We should talk.  It is all a matter of mindset and choices.

Your life does not have to be wasted on producing products, change to enjoying the process.

One last thing.  Do you know why the Japanese have over powered so many industries.  This example right here shows why.  When the maker of a gold board on a piano was asked how many boards he could make a day.  He responded, “As many as I can make perfectly.”  He was questioned if his supervisor was OK with that.  The board maker asked, “What is a supervisor?”  That in itself tells you the Japanese work through the process.  Hence why so many of their products have became more desirable than others.



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