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A little over a year ago one of the most influential people in my husband and I’s life to this date introduced herself and her horse….
Over the last year their have been multiple changes in our life just from those two.
I truly realize now that they were meant to come into our lives to show us a route to the bigger meaning of life. One filled with uncertainties and learning to get through personal fears and frustrations..
They prepared us to support each other, build the confidence we needed to chase those dreams.  Make us dig deeper into ourselves and relationship.
This little horse had been thrown to the curb by multiple people.  Still a stallion, yes he was a handful.  Not this nicest critter.  All of us decided, after a few months into his training, it would be in his best interest to become a gelding…. Probably the quickest mind transition I have ever seen on a horse.
I’m not going to lie there were times I thought my husband was an absolute nut saying he was one of his nicest horses he was riding.  As spring, quickly approached I started seeing the light my husband had seen…. Little did we know the ladies plans for us and her horse were far bigger than we ever fathomed.
Moving into the summer, the little horses owner came to us saying your going to take this horse to The Snaffle Bit Futurity.  Say what!!  My husband is a Cutting Horse trainer, although he is a very talented rider.  This was going to be a push to learn so many different things for training a three year old to do Reined Cowhorse, but let my husband learn also.
I knew he could do it and secretly started planning with this lady!  This is when I started realizing how big of a blessing she and her horse were in our life.
She believed…. In two souls that many people did not!  That leads us to a whole new story… (see that soon!)
Connecting the changes this brought to our life and some very influential people I have had the opportunity to listen to over the last couple months.
I realized this was all meant to come so we could prepare ourselves to be proactive and not reactive to situations.
Take control of our lives live like a rich person, always chasing the win, instead of fearing what the loss could bring.
Don’t get me wrong it has been ridiculously overwhelming at times, but so rewarding when something new arises.
All in all my friends, I am challenging you to be less leery of situations and realize even in the hardships of life there are positive measures to come. It is all in how we handle the situation.
Believe me there were many times my husband could have quit because he was being asked to do task out of his normal disciplines. Many, many times I could have fed his doubt and thought this is crazy.  But we would talk through the negatives and positives and realize this could be a huge regret in life….if we did not try the opportunity.
I truly believe there could be nothing worse in life than coming to the end of it and wondering what would have happened if you would have lived out of your comfort zone for a split second….. put the blinders on and took the jump.
Are there things you need to prepare for in your upcoming year that will free you of those regrets?
If you don’t take the chance to start now….
It may change the entire outcome of how your 2018 pans out. Believe me one lady and her horse changed our 2017 at the end of 2016. We could have been to busy with a new baby coming in weeks and the cold part of the year well upon us to take the chance. Though now I realize we leapt into the challenge unknowing how much our souls, relationships were about to be changed.  Not to mention the amazing life long true friendship we have gained.  Folks those true friendships are very hard to come by!  We’ve never known one like this!
Sincerely yours,
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