The Power of Belief!

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The whirlwind of 2017 is drawing near in our lives, but we are forever affected by the power of belief!  I am telling you I have always had this ingrained in myself.  Probably placed there by my parents, but it grew and grew overtime.  I realized it as I high school rodeoed, played basketball in high school, and struggled to make ends meet through college.  As long as you keep believing, things will come around!

But the biggest example of the power of belief came from that lady, her horse, and the family behind them.  There was never a grain of doubt that the horse and my husband could accomplish many things!  I can not tell you how impeccable this timing was in our life.  My husband and I were at a point of deciding where not only our lives were heading.  But…Finding Happiness?..Where it came from?…Where it would be?…How we would get there?…

To say we were frustrated is putting it mildly, but one happy place was with this lady, her horse, and family.  Every where we went there was only positive thoughts.

In the beginning of it all, I didn’t realize how much this family believed in my husband.  I found that belief in everyone’s excitement after the first practice show for my husband and the horse.  The two only performed better as the day progressed, though I could see this I can tell you many clients would have had remarks and questioning whether it was worth the investment or not.  Not them, they were overwhelmingly excited.

That moment is when I saw a change in my husband and the direction of our lives…Our happiness.

They believed… that belief was settling in my husband helping him burn some old heavy boats that were dragging him down.

Behind the scenes, I didn’t realize this family was constantly praying…Praying for the things our family and my husband needed.

Our family has changed drastically in the last few months!  We are learning to find happiness on our own, not what others want from us.  Learning to Believe what we want in life is attainable!  Yes there are hard spots in the beginning and bumps along the way!  It’s called life people… but never loose your belief in achieving what you want.

Moral of the story… NEVER FORGET to Believe!  Whether it is in someone around you or yourself.  The power of believing  can push human soul to do amazing things.  You can look at some of the most successful people out there.  Many came from rough backgrounds and had absolutely nothing to start, but at some point decided to believe in what they wanted.

Belief has to be in the Present… I mean right NOW.  Don’t think oh I will get my goals in six months or a year.  Start believing you can do it now, so you can be in that dream sooner!

BELIEF can change a person’s life, your life.  What do you have doubts about?… Can it be changed with a simple belief in ability or simple change of everyday tasks in your life.


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