Accepting Force and Using IT

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Remember being a kid that was forced to do something???

I have one vivid memory…. I was a very shy child.  Like hated being around other people. PERIOD.

But I loved horses… and my Dad used that against me to drive me into a social situation!

He had Mom take me to a 4-H horse practice, which for those of you that don’t know is similar to a practice for any sport.  We would take our horses to a community fair grounds and practice the events we would do at shows.

Moving back to the story….

I was eight years old and ready to go ride my horse… NO one told me there would be other kids there!  Needless to say I through a walleyed fit and would not get out of the pickup when we arrived at the practice.  Mom gave up and drove me the 25 miles on a dirt road back home.

Yes…. it was not a short journey… oh and she had called dad before we left town.

So you can guess how upset he was with me by the time we got home.  Not to mention way to long of a time period to determine my consequences.

I was given an ultimatum to go back or never get on a horse again.

Yes, you guessed it I loaded back up and went to practice with other pesky kids!

This was a changing point in my life that I didn’t even know came about.  Literally, anything beneficial in my life and the course of my life changed from that one moment.  All thank you to my dad for recognizing a way to better me in the social world of life.

Do you find yourself locking yourself in the pickup, metaphorically speaking, instead of excepting a force that may be a little overwhelming and using it to grow?

I read this not long ago… The more you push away from a FORCE is often a SIGN we should ACCEPT it and USE IT!

It’s easy to find a con to something and constantly fight it because we are scared.  It is our nature to flea from a scary force, instead of recognizing it and using it to change our life for the better!

Am I right, or Am I right?….

How could your goals you want to accomplish in the New Year be transformed by putting these thoughts to action?

Don’t ponder to long before you decide to take Action!


Your Friend,

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Sterling Autry

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