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To STOP Feeling Anger towards; to Stop Blaming….


Is there something that has been eating away at you daily, hourly, every second of everyday.

Do you know how destructive the feeling of ANGER and BLAME can be to the person carrying that?

Did you know that more times than not that person you have those FEELINGS towards is oblivious to the problem, or has let go because it was not a positive note in her life?  So who is the Anger and Blame really hurting?

Plain and Simple……. YOU!!!

FORGIVE…. life is ultimately to short to carry those feelings for long.  Guess what?  In the long term you are the one that will be taking the Regret of wasted time to the GRAVE.

Wow that seems a little far…. but seriously if we are constantly to sullen to Forgive, the grave is only getting closer.  No one knows when his time is so don’t waste a precious second.

In reality, when you quit worrying about your feelings and FORGIVE, you will find that many things in your life turn around.  The constant waves of unfortunate, frustrating events that have been beating you down are allowed to pass and be replaced with happiness.

Heal yourself and let things be healed around you.

This really set in with me this morning as I was listening to a motivational speech by Les Brown.  I was almost in tears thinking about how easy the concept of forgiveness really is, but so many human beings are set to be the last one to get the apology to prove they were right.  Do you realize how many important events you are missing out on because of your lack of forgiveness?

Is it worth IT?…..

Really, is it?….

How does it make you feel?

Could your life be changed if you LET GO?

I am a quick forgiver and have always been a peace maker since early on in my life, so I can not wrap my mind around being to stubborn to forgive.

Yes, you may hurt the person you are mad at for awhile, but in the long run you are making things worse for yourself.  If you let go, you will be amazed at how quickly things will turn around in your world.  It all goes back to making things about WE not ME.  IN the end you don’t have anything to prove.

Enjoy the life for everything you have, learn to forgive every little thing.

Make this a Glorious life!


Is to BEAUTIFUL to be WASTED, my friends.

A very respected woman and friend in my life told me a few short months ago.  The only way to keep your heart soft and forgiveness true is constantly pray.  Pray for that person you have harsh feeling towards.  It will guide help her way and keep you loving.  Yes, my friends it takes the responsibility out of your heart and soul.

Forgiveness is a very fulfilling feeling….

It will help you move to the better person you want to be, so don’t waste anytime learning how!

ASK yourself a daily question…. to keep you thinking how to grow into a better FORGIVER.

….And see where it takes you….


Your friend,

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