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This is a touch different than my normal writings….

But could improve your outlooks and productivity RAPIDLY.

Mine have improved ten fold in less than a week!

I want to share that in the last week I have connected many concepts.

My friends, it is a freeing feeling knowing that you are productively and actively moving your self and business forward on a daily basis.

I have been putting many things into play over the last few months.

My action plan changed dramatically when, one of my mentors, Jeff Lerner posted about finding what disgruntles, makes you angry or just plain pisses you off when thinking about goals in the new year.  For more insight on that post Click Here>>>>

Anyway back to the story….

I found myself being very irritated over the organization, as well as productivity I was finding in my business. Within a couple hours I had written 10 items down on a white board that would be this weeks goals, then began breaking them down into daily promises to push my business forward.

I have two small children and often found things pushed to the end of the day, so I gave myself a deadline.

Everyday I have to have my work completed by Noon. Yes, that often means getting up several hours earlier than them to get things done, but guess what I am a happier more present person the rest of the day. I don’t have the irritation of knowing I need to be pushing my business forward because it is already done.

One of the biggest things that is moving my mindset in the direction of the leader I want to be is writing in a journal as soon as my feet hit the floor. Complaints, gratitude, and affirmations are a must.

Complaints may sound odd, but it gives me a chance to get rid of any negative in my mind and replace it with a solution in an affirmation or thankfulness in gratitude.

And last holding myself accountable with end of the day questions given to me by another mentor, Adam Chandler.

……How did I show up today?

…..What did I do to move myself forward?

……How can I be more effective tomorrow?

So changing up the pattern in my daily life has opened many doors for me.  It has shown me the light in making the six figure income I am working towards this year!

All because of a small decision I made sitting in a shanty little Air B &B apartment in Reno, Nevada; I am being  presented with BIG opportunities to grow like this one here.

And surrounded by people I have always thought it IMPOSSIBLE to Mirror.

I leave you with this…..

Allow yourself to Model those that have things falling into place you want in life….

No matter how BIG or small that feat may be!

“Success is in the details.  Small hinges swing big doors.”

Your friend,

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