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GREETINGS from the beautiful state of Colorado. Since this is my first blog post, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bruce U. Harris, I am 62 years old, and I have been an entrepreneur since I was 11 years old. Back in the sixties, I started my own TV Guide Business. I started a route similar to a paper route. I knocked on doors in our neighborhood and got subscribers to the TV Guide magazine. I would then deliver the TV guides once a week and once a month I would collect money from each subscriber. My first business endeavor, I was hooked. At the young age of 11, I had the mindset of an ENTREPRENEUR.

I am married to my wife Patty, I have 7 children, 6 daughters and one son. I also have 8 grandchildren, 7 granddaughters and 1 grandson. I’m a very blessed man … my quiver is full. I love and enjoy being around my family, and this is one reason that I chose  LifeStyle Design International, (The Laptop Lifestyle) family to work with and to begin a legacy that I can pass down to my children, grandchildren and great, great grandchildren. We live on a ranch near the mountains of Colorado, about 25 miles south of Pueblo. We have 2 horses, a donkey named Mocha Cappuccino. One 3 legged black lab (tripod), a yellow lab and a short wiry terrier who is the boss. (An ankle biter)


What do I think or how do I feel about “Lifestyle Design International” or LDI? This is such an awesome trustworthy amazing community of people. I can honestly say that I am truly over the hump and on my way to a monthly 6 figure income. I am truly blessed to be working with people like the founders of LDI, Jeff Lerner and Andrew Cass. I titled today’s blog “ON MY WAY TO A 6 FIGURE INCOME” because it is true. In the last 4 months, my commission up to date, as of today November 30th, is $27,810 dollars. Some of my commissions have been $10, $50, $750, $2,500, $4,500, and $9000. Has it been easy? No it hasn’t … you have to have the right mindset to learn and study then apply all what you have learned. I also have close to 60 LDI members under me. This is very powerful, because when your a member like myself, you pay $149 every month. I receive $50 dollars every month for each month times 60 members = $3000 that goes to me every month. My goal is to have 500 members under me in the next 18 months. Do the math, 500 members x $50 = $25,000 every month automatically. The 16 steps to 6 figures training is powerful. LDI is not a SCAM! LDI is a real community of hard working people … wanting to see all of us to succeed in the Online Marketing Business. Please take a moment and check out other results from real people.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT 

Apply today and speak to one of our top-tier coaches who will guide you through your 16 steps to 6 figure income.

God Bless,

Bruce U. Harris



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