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4 Reasons that are stopping you from being SUCCESSFUL

  1. Fear of the unknown – we tend to stop ourselves from moving forward because we don’t know what the future will look like exactly. We internalize what we think should happen and are not anticipating that some of the best things in life are unexpected. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the great possibilities that are available to you – you can be missing out on a great opportunity.
  1. Our attitude to learning – I am too old to learn a new skill – many of us think with this negative attitude. There is a lot of great people around you, tools on the internet, and books that can help and guide you to learn a new skill or trade. It is like learning a new language, you may not understand it right away but the more you re-read, review, practice and try it out the more comfortable you become in speaking the new language. Listen and learn from people that are experts in the new skill you want to learn, most love to help and teach people what they are passionate about in their field of expertise.
  1. What others will think – You are the only one that can make the changes you need that is best for you and your family. You cannot control what other people think of you but you can start taking control on letting other people’s opinions effect you. You need to stop letting the negative comments of people who do not know what it is like to walk in your shoes, and allowing them to change your mind from the path that you have chosen. There will always be someone saying that you are crazy even if you are the most successful person in the room. Those people are insecure about whom they are, they need to put others down to feel better about themselves.
  1. Fear of failure. This all about the “what ifs”, you will not know till you step out of your comfort zone and take a step out in faith. If it does not work out – this is OK! Get up, dust yourself off and try again. A famous quote from Thomas Edison: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work.” We need to persevere and NOT GIVE UP, we live in a society that expects instant results – we need to put in the hard work and keep pushing and never ever give up.

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The Introvert Leader

The first word that comes to mind when you hear the word “Introvert” is shy, and this can be very misleading. An introvert tends to turn inward mentally; we get energized by being by alone. An extrovert needs people around them to get energized. When I was younger I would have never considered that I was an introvert. I did not discover this amazing quality until I was reading a parenting book in regards to the introvert parent raising an extrovert child. In reading this book it helped me to discover more about myself and how I function in life, dealing with people and know that it is ok to take a step back from people when needed.

I would not consider myself a typical shy person, I love to visit with people, listening to what they have to say and getting to know who they are. If I am in a room full of 100 people, and I am talking with you. You have my 100% attention and I do not even see the 99 other people. I give all my energy and attention to visiting with you; by the end of the day my energy is diminished. This is the time when I have to take a step back, regroup and spend time alone to build up my energy.  When I walk into a room, I will not be the first person to speak. I will listen to you, ask questions, and then process the information I am taking in. At this time I will talk and share what I believe is relevant to the conversation.

There are many great leaders of success that are introverts – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Steven Spielberg, Sir Isaac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg,  just to name a few people.  Introverts make good leaders and have a lot of wisdom and insight.

Introverts are focus driven.

We are not easily swayed and when there is a job to be done we are focused and determined. Introverts are disciplined, work well by themselves and can keep on track without be distracted. Working well behind the scenes to reach the goal, our best creativity can come out when we are left by ourselves to work on the task. We observe situations while taking a step back, where others are busy talking we notice the details that many people may miss. Introverts are not about just today and this moment, we can see the bigger picture and the goal that we are heading to.

Introverts are great listeners.

We need more people to listen, people feel they are validated and connected when someone sits down and just listens. We won’t interrupt you while you are talking; the conversation is about the person who is sharing their perspective and ideas. Listening first and then talking, with this action we establish a trusting relationship with you. We create a healthy environment to lead a great team with good communication and encouragement.

Introverts are independent.

There is no need to validate an Introvert by other people, we are confident in whom we are. We do not rely on other people or external sources to make us feel better about ourselves.  Introverts know that we cannot always depend on others to get the job done; we just get it done ourselves. This is an empowering freedom that we have that helps us deal with the ups and downs of life that comes our way. We need to have Introvert Leaders as much as we need Extrovert Leaders. If you ever thought being an introvert could not make a difference in this world, we can make a big difference and become successful leaders. 

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