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I am Phil Cooper,Father, Entrepreneur and Adventure Seeker.

I’m on a mission to bring freedom to those in search of it. I’m sharing my journey with you on my road of Personal Development.


Today my blog will have a theme of personal accountability. This is a blog that will touch on

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Business and team building
  • Network marketing skills

 Entrepreneurial Family

My father started an asphalt paving company slightly before I was born, in 1974. I was always around the business and working from a young age. My father and mother both taught me much about integrity, work ethic and accountability. He was also, unconsciously teaching me entrepreneurship. As a family, we always discussed business ideas and what was possible! From a young age, my parents taught me Personal Development. I was taught I could do anything I wanted!

 Building on the building blocks

I attended Northern Illinois University and received a degree in Business Management, with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship and small business administration. While in college I continued to operate my DJ business that I had started in High School. I worked for fraternities, and for a couple of bars.  I graduated in 1999. My first summer out of college, my father had a massive heart attack. My parents strongly encouraged me to leave the industry. Due to the business and market changing on us, they wanted to sell the company and have me find employment elsewhere. But, I’m stubborn and I thought people would look at me as a quitter. So I took over day to day operations.  I went from being in my 1st year of working full time, to running a multi-million dollar asphalt paving company in the middle of being extorted by local construction unions. I worked as hard on myself through personal development as I did on my business.

I signed up with the local unions and I declared I’d be the industry leader in commercial asphalt paving. The company grew from 2 million to 7 million with me at the helm. I was making great money for my age, but I wasn’t happy. Then 2008 hit us. We were devastated by the recession. We lost close to 2 million dollars. We had to auction off most of our equipment and downsize, quickly! I lost every dollar I had to my name. I was depressed and I even temporarily abandoned personal development. This led me to looking for something else, something recession proof. My good friend and super entrepreneur, Mark Bezik shared with me a green energy company. I was in love with MLM and energy!
After 2 years, I had proven to myself that I could work this brand new industry, network marketing, and do this part time! I also had the belief in my MLM company, so I decided to burn my bridge and sell my asphalt company, after attending the Landmark Forum(more to come on that in later blogs). There was no going back now. I was taking back control of my life! I was back to working on Personal Development, and with mentor’s like Bob Quintana, Bob Florentine and Jason Wolkow, I knew the only thing stopping me was myself!

The theme of today’s blog is personal accountability and personal development.

You may have others that are holding you back(at least in your mind) from growing your home based business,  holding you back from freedom, from enjoyment. This may be spouses, bosses, friends, family, children, etc. They aren’t holding you back. You are holding yourself back with self limiting beliefs, taught to you from the voices in your head. Don’t allow this. Take personal responsibility. Take control of your life!
Today we are holding a kickoff call for my 90 day business blitz. I’ve allowed my MLM company growing pains, personal issues, and lack of time to be excuses for me. Today, they will no longer be excuses. It’s time to take back control of my life, I’m refusing to let others be excuses for me.
I am the possibility of freedom, courage and compassion. I love my life and I live it powerfully.
Everyone has the ability to create the life they want and live it powerfully. You just need to shift your paradigm.
Starting now, I’m going to live my life like the rockstar that I know that I am.

To do this, I’m doing the following actions on a daily basis; reading 10 pages of a good book per day, reading 10 pages of a landmark based article or book per day, holding daily accountability calls for my team, meditate for at least 5 minutes, and repeat my affirmations in the morning and evening(at a minimum!) This will help me maximize Personal Development.


The impact of this would seem stressful to many, considering I have a full time job and 3 young boys that I spend lots of time with and coach in sports. But stress is ” made up, based off of the fears of what may happen or not happen” coming from the voices in your head. Thanks to Landmark, I no longer have those voices. I no longer have any self limiting beliefs. I am taking full responsibility for the growth(or lack of growth) of my business.
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