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Looking For New Results? Take New Action!

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 “Until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change, nothing will change” We can use Personal Development along with taking action to make that change!

 I just heard that statement on our company call. How true it is. Take action! Actions lead to results. New actions lead to new results. Personal development will help you get new results

Many people live according to how they “feel”.

I think this is a new phenomena in our culture. Back in hunting and gathering times, I’m sure often, the hunters or gatherers didn’t “feel” like hunting. But they had to. They didn’t choose to take a nap or play a video game, instead of hunting!

personal development

If you live your life according to how you feel, it is a sure way to avoid success, in anything.

Successful people just don’t live their lives according to how they feel. They don’t usually feel like studying personal development, but they do it!  I don’t feel like sitting here right now, typing this blog. I sure as hell didn’t feel like leaving my comfort zone to record this video that I shared with thousands of people. I’m putting myself out there to be judged and criticized. But, I took action anyways, because I knew, that to take my business to the ultimate level, I needed to continue to take the actions that the rockstars (Mark JRay HigdonEric WorreMatt MorrisBob QuintanaJoe Ochiogrosso) of the business take. I am leaving no stones uturned in my search for success at the highest levels. This is why I study the successful people. That’s why I have reached out to and met Ray Higdon and Joe Ochiogrosso(I’m on his team). I get the pleasure to work with Bob Quintana!(how many people do you KNOW that make 6 digits a MONTH) And I will one day get to know Mark, Eric and Matt also. All of these people take action according to what they know they SHOULD do.(according to their principles and their plan)

This morning I listened to one recorded conference call and 1 live call. On my live call the topic happened to be taking action.

Some interesting info. What are the questions that stop people from taking action? What is going through their heads?

  • How do I?
  • What if?
  • If I ___ will I be able to ___?
  • How long will ___take?

Those are the thoughts that freeze people from taking that initial step.  Solution.. FIGURE IT OUT

Take action and get the answer. Replace expectations with appreciation(of what you’re doing, what you’re learning, what you’re apart of!)


There’s also a simple 3 step action formula you can follow.

  1. Action leads to results
  2. Results give us answers
  3. Answers direct us to the next action

IF you don’t get the result you desire, CHANGE THE ACTION SIMPLE!!!

As a bonus for my #2 blog, I will share a video from a few years ago. We took action(but it was the wrong one) Watch the video, you won’t be disappointed Too Steep

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