Transform Your Life And Find Freedom!

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Looking to Transform your life and have more Freedom?

What does freedom mean to you?

It can mean many different things to different people. For many years I thought freedom was being a small business owner. Hah! That’s a great story we business owner’s tell ourselves. Most small business owners are slaves to their companies. They work 80 hours a week so they can take home a 40 hour paycheck(IF LUCKY) and count on the big payday at the end….that rarely comes.

I always was drawn to freedom. I’ve always hated being told what to do(right mom and dad?) I’ve always loved the freedom motorcycles brought me. I had many years of watching my dad slave over his asphalt paving company, thinking he was free. I thought that was what I wanted also. Then I graduated and joined my father in business and I had the “freedom” I was searching for. Ulcers, employee problems, union problems, banking problems, problems, problems, problems. All I did was put out fires. I should have been a firefighter! After 15 years of this,My mentor, Bob Quintana, recommended a personal and professional development program called Landmark. In  Landmark I discovered what freedom meant to me and I’ve been able to transform my life.

  • financial freedom
  • Free from self limiting beliefs
  • Free from all past experiences
  • Free to live where I want
  • Free to work where I want.
  • Free from concern of what other’s may think or say
  • Freedom to spend time with my boys!!


Freedom means many different things to many different people at many different levels. When you are free from the past, you have a clearing in which you can create something new. Without being free from the past, you will always repeat the past. The past predicts your future. It takes a transformation to truly put this into play. I’m in search of the ultimate freedom. Freedom from the system. Freedom to choose 100% based on my principles and plan. Freedom to create new, every day.

Related to freedom is stress. I am a serious person and stress had always been a problem for me. In  Landmark I learned that stress comes from the voices in my head, based off the fears of what may or may not happen. I knew I had to make a career path change at some point, but the fear of selling the company and thinking others would think I was a quitter, prevented this from happening. Completely useless thinking! Learning this changed my life. Now, I’m completely stress free and loving life. I am the possibility of freedom.

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