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What is Integrity? I often wondered this growing up.

I’ve since learned, without Integrity, you have nothing and nothing works. It may temporarily, but not for long.

My parents often talked to me about doing what was right and doing things in the proper manner. They didn’t refer to this as integrity, this was just “how things were”. I had never had to ask, What is Integrity?

You did things that were expected of you, whether it was conveyed or not. And you did things the right way. If I was on time, I was late. Be kind to everyone. Be thoughtful. You are a person of your word and this is how you will behave.  This was life. And they were awesome models. Many times later in life, it has shown up for me, in different situations. And I was able to be present to this and reflect back to what my parents taught me. About a year ago, I met with a long time family friend, Katie Hansen. (Check out her blog at,,, Incorrect address in the video) Katie has an amazing story, make sure you check her out. In preparation for our meeting, Katie painted a rock for me (It’s her thing). She thought of Integrity, when she thought of me. Wow!! This blew me away. I had tears in my eye. I had an “Aha” moment. Recently, I had graduated from the “Self Expression and Leadership Program” at Landmark. What is Integrity? Integrity is the baseline for everything in life and especially in Landmark. Katie reminded me of how grateful I was that my parents had taught me about Integrity.

Very proud of my rock! It goes everywhere with me in my pocket

What is Integrity? Integrity is;

  1.  Doing what you said you would do, and doing it on time.
  2. Doing what you know to do and doing it as it was meant to be done, and doing it on time.
  3. Doing what others expect you to do, even if you haven’t said that you would do it, and doing it on time.

Unless you live in a cave by yourself, you will fall out of integrity from time to time

If you fall out of integrity, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Just out of integrity, a temporary state of being. You can regain your integrity in the following manner; acknowledge you are out of integrity and acknowledge the impact that this has. Then you must put into place a plan to not fall out of integrity in the future. For example; You are late for work. You show up and acknowledge you are late.  You acknowledge the impact that this has on the others at work. Then you put into a framework to not let this happen again(” I will be 10 minutes early, every day, to make sure, that I’m on time”)

This is a deep subject related leadership. Without Integrity, Leadership is impossible.

Want to learn more about Integrity and Landmark? I recommend Landmark and have met many amazing people whom are also graduates. Check out the website at

Are you ready for mentorship to take things to the next level? CLICK HERE Did you receive value from this post? Please comment, share and tweet!!!

Are you ready for mentorship to take things to the next level? CLICK HERE

Did you receive value from this post? Please comment, share and tweet!!!

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