Children learning math

So what are you thinking? What am I going to do I’m not a teacher.  Guess what, you do not have to be a teacher.

If you have a computer you may look things up on the computer.   What about going to the store and buying some workbooks. If you don’t have a computer than maybe you could borrow one.  I know,  go to the library.

The following are links you can use to help your child/ren:


2.  $9.99/month      Children love this website because it is all math games.  Once you open it up you will see why they love it.

3. worksheets and free printables for children.

4. games,  children ages 3 to 7, 400 games.  There also are Stories and Songs.

5.  www.K5  They have math worksheets and printables.

6.    www.Splash

Reading Links

1. for reading

2.    Adapted Mind/ 1st month free then $6.99/month per child.  Math and Reading K-6.

3.  Type, Free Reading,  and you will find, games, comprehensive worksheets, books and more.

The math and reading links which cost are also very good.  I believe you can cancel at anytime.