HPV is short for the Human Papillomavirus.

There  are some FACTS and MYTHS about HPV that all people should know.  

Female and males alike can get HPV.  It can only be gotten through sexual relations,

not through kissing or saliva .

HPV can cause certain  cancer or diseases which are very serious.  There is no age barrier,

they may be as young as preteens who are sexually active could get HPV.  Approximately

85% to 90% of anal cancer cases are HPV related.  Every year there are 14 millions new HPV

cases in the Unites States, 50% of them are between the ages 15 – 24 -years old.

Sometimes people are not aware that they have HPV.  The best thing to do is to get regular

yearly check ups.  This is nothing you want to figure will go away because it won’t.

CDC recommends 11 – 12 year olds get two doses of the vaccine.  Then 6-12months later

get another dose.  The is to protect against cancer caused by HPV.

The symptoms of the vaccine are the most dangerous for the preteens:

Headaches, dizziness, fatigue, loss of consciousness and stiffness.

In my family we have two preteens who were given these vaccines.  When they were about

15 years old one started having seizures.  A few months later the other one had seizures

really bad. Frothing at the mouth, falling and hurting herself.  The youngest now has

high blood pressure like 200/don’t remember.  Also she gets headaches which last for

weeks.  This will not happen for everyone.  My question is, is it worth putting your children

through what might be very unpleasant for them?

That is a decision every parent must make on their own.  I would never tell you what to

do.  But as we always say there are 2 sides to  every story.

I wanted you to know both sides.


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