MYTH:     There is nothing serious about HPV

FACT:     HPV.  It’s all about cancer.

HPV can cause serious consequences —in cancer=serious.  Some types of this virus can lead to certain cancer and diseases later in life for both males and females.

Here is what you CAN do about it.  

Talk to your child’s doctor or health care professional to learn more about and to decide to prevent HPV.

About 50% of new genital HPV occur in 15 to 24 year olds.

MYTH?  HPV is no big deal. It always clears on its own.

FACT:   Actually some people don’t clear the virus and HPV- related cancers and diseases may develop,

About 14 million people get the virus in the United States in one year.

MYTH?  Guys? They can’t get HPV.

Females and males can get the virus .  That is why it is best for parents to become educated about HPV

before they get exposed to the virus.  Many people who have it don’t even know.

MYTH:  My child is a preteen.  There is plenty of time.