5 Of Our Favorite Productivity Apps

All too often adults find ourselves thinking, “If only there were more hours in the day.” How in the world are you supposed to get enough sleep, eat right, work a full work week, exercise and somehow make time for a social life? Well, there’s also another saying out there that states “work smarter, not harder.” And in a world of technology, there’s endless resources to help you stay on track, and make the most out of your work day. Here are a few of our favorite tools that will keep you checking those boxes all day long:

5 best productivity tools

  1. Evernote (free). If you’re a note jotter like us, this is your go-to tool for making the perfect checklists. A few perks include being able to sort your notes and checklists into different “notebook” categories, and collecting files and sharing information. So for all of those random thoughts that you know you’ll forget later, download the app and you’ll have the perfect checklist to refer to throughout the day!
  2. Trello (free). Looking for an app that can simply “do it all?” With Trello, you can do anything from create to do lists, tasks and notes all in a digital bulletin board. The drag and drop aspect allows you to adjust it on demand to your personal needs, and another bonus; it’s interactive! Add comments, assign tasks and share with your fellow co-workers or friends.
  3. theSkimm (free). While this isn’t necessarily considered a “productivity” app, most people would agree otherwise. Keeping up with the news requires reading lengthy articles, taking up more time than desired in our everyday routine. With theSkimm, you’ll know what’s happening all over the world in a matter of 5 minutes. And the sarcastic, sassy and simple humor will bring light to difficult matters and also make it an overall easy read.
  4. FocusList (free). Get sidetracked constantly? That’s why we love this app. It allows you to set timers, along with different tasks to complete. For the icing on top of the cake, SelfControl is your next best bet. It literally blocks you from going on social media while you’re working, so you won’t be tempted. Talk about staying on track!
  5. Strides (free). If you’re trying to quite literally “make strides” in your personal life, this is an absolute must have. Whether you’re training for marathon or trying to quit smoking, this will help you track all of your habits by touchpoints.