Even if 99.9 percent of the parts of your car are in perfect shape, a defective .1 percent that includes a flat tire or a dead battery means your car can’t be used. Much of your life can be healthy and satisfying, but if an important part of it is not working well, you will not feel fulfilled.

Successful living is not a matter of success in the workplace or success at home; it is the product of their combination.

Edwin and Vickie Weatherspoon began as partners in life and then became partners in business. 

The California couple had been married for three years when they decided Vickie should join her husband’s business, which offers janitorial services for corporate clients. 
Husband and wife working together—a dream come true? Hardly. “It was difficult at first,” Vickie explained, since both had their ideas about how things should be done. “We’re both power players. We’d step over boundaries and take it home.” 

They committed themselves over time to putting their two worlds in balance. “We learned how to keep our personal lives separate and how to stay friends at the end of the day. By the same token, if we’re at home or on vacation or out with friends, we won’t be talking business all the time.” 

Vickie and Edwin credit their business success to the foundation they had first in their relationship. “That helps us keep perspective on what’s really most important.” 

People at the peak of their careers report that reaching their goals in work increases their commitment to their home life because they feel a great sense of security, which improves their time outside of work. 

I empower you to make some changes in your work or home life so you too can be 100% on top of your game.

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