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Success Secret – You Can’t Force Yourself to Like Broccoli

Certain jobs require a distinct personality. There is little point in pursuing a job in communications if you are not an extroverted person who loves to interact with people. If your soul bursts with passionate creativity, you are not likely to be content with a job in accounting . 

Personalities are like shoe sizes. They are not subject to our choice or preference, but they can be occasionally fudged—with uncomfortable consequences. It is neither an accomplishment nor a fault to acknowledge that some people can speak before large audiences and be exhilarated by the experience while others would be petrified. Some people can study an equation for years and be fascinated by it, and others would long for human interaction and variety. 


Realize who you are—what your true personality is—and choose a future that fits it.

Hardly a day goes by without at least one of his clients refusing to work with him. In fact, sometimes they spit up on him. But photographer Jean Deer loves his job. He has taken hundreds of children’s portraits, and he is well acquainted with all the tricks of the trade to make a baby smile. Jean’s an expert in every funny face and noise imaginable. 


“When it’s over, everyone—me, the parents, and the children—are exhausted, but that’s usually a good sign.”

Jean found that getting babies to flash their smiles wasn’t the only way to get a great picture and that a grumpy baby was just another source of inspiration. “I was taking a photo once of this infant who literally wanted nothing to do with me. He would not look up, just stared at the floor.” Jean got down on the floor with him, took the picture from a perspective he’d never used before, and wound up with one of the best pictures he’d ever taken. 

The job requires two major traits, Jean believes. “Not everyone can just hang out a shingle and call himself a photographer. It’s all a matter of being patient and energetic and then capturing the right moment.”

Even as people experience different phases of their lives, including career and family changes, their underlying personality remains constant after about age sixteen.

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This is Lars signing off and remember to always live, laugh and Love one another. 

Success Secrets – Creativity Comes from Within

Everyone wants to think of something new—solve a problem no one else can solve, offer a valuable idea no else has conceived of. And every business wants to encourage its employees to have the next great idea.

So when a business offers its employees a bonus for creative ideas, a flood of great, original thoughts should come pouring in. Right?

We think that creativity, like any other task, can be bought and sold. But creativity is not the same as hard work and effort; it requires genuine inspiration. It is the product of a mind thoroughly intrigued by a question, a situation, a possibility.

Thus, creativity comes not in exchange for money or rewards but when we focus our attention on something because we want to.
Japan Railways East had the contract to build a bullet train between Tokyo and Nagano to be put in place in time for the 1998 Winter Olympics.
Unfortunately, tunnels built by the company through the mountains kept filling with water. The company brought in a team of engineers, who were highly paid to come up with the best solution. The engineers analyzed the problems and drew up an extensive set of plans to build an expensive drain and a system of aqueducts to divert the water out of the tunnels.

A thirsty maintenance worker one day came up with a different solution when he bent over and took a large swallow of the tunnel water. It tasted great, better than the bottled water he had in his lunch pail.

He told his boss they should bottle it and sell it as premium mineral water.
Thus was born Oshimizu bottled water, which the railroad sells from vending machines on its platforms and has expanded to selling by home delivery. A huge cost was transformed into a huge profit, all by looking at the situation differently.

Experiments offering money in exchange for creative solutions to problems find that monetary rewards are unrelated to the capacity of people to offer original ideas. Instead, creativity is most frequently the product of genuine interest in the problem and a belief that creativity will be personally appreciated by superiors.

Successfully yours,

Lars G Persson

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Until next time this is Lars and alway remember to LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE one another.  

Business Success Tips: Tell Clean Jokes

Humor captures people’s attention and sets them at ease. However, there is a major difference between positive humor and negative humor. Negative humor involves attacks on people or their ideas or focuses on areas of behavior that would not be discussed at the dinner table. Positive humor involves silliness, and if there is any target of the humor at all, it is the joke teller. 

In the workplace, use positive humor freely and negative humor not at all. 

Louis Siegfried runs a multimillion-dollar mail order business selling computers. While he takes his business seriously, he also takes having a positive attitude seriously. “I think if you have fun, then you do well. We can’t tolerate people who aren’t enthusiastic.” 

Louis seeks employees who want to work, and he strives for a workplace where they’ll want to work. “Whether it’s meetings, memos, or policies, most business seems to operate on the premise that if you can possibly make something boring, make it extra boring. We operate under the rule that the best way to get people to do their job well is to get them to want to do their job, and the best way to do that is to make sure there’s a little fun in what we do.”

When negative humor is used in the workplace, it tends to spread throughout the organization; 41 percent see it as a source of division in their office.  Widespread positive humor, on the other hand, increases job satisfaction by 5 percent. 

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Success Tips: Look for Value

When we first meet people, our natural inclination is to size them up—to create an immediate impression of their abilities and liabilities.

Unfortunately, we often hold on to these vague and hasty conclusions and never revise them. This means we can easily overlook the talents of people we have written off based on superficial information.

Many people know to search for the overlooked value when they are buying something, but there is also great potential for overlooked value in the people around you.

Years went by, and Jane wondered if anybody was ever going to ask her to do anything more challenging than count. Her job was to monitor the assembly lines at a cosmetics manufacturer. Each hour she took note of the production level of each line and sent the information to the floor manager.

Jane counted output, matched it with a count of materials used, and then did it all over again. Nobody asked her why the lines were slow or fast. That wasn’t her job. Just count.

Over the course of five years, Jane took note of a hundred factors that influenced the pace of the lines, factors she knew nobody else was paying attention to. For one, if the volume on the radio system was too low, the workers spoke to each other more often, slowing down their pace.

The general manager casually asked her one time how things were going, expecting a generic response. He nearly fell over when Jane said production was down 2 percent and offered a list of the three most likely explanations.

Jane finally became visible to management, and she was promoted to a job where she could put to use many of the observations she’d made over the years.

Researchers find that the tendency to quickly assess abilities in other people is thought by many to be a highly valuable skill. In truth, this habit actually reduces productivity and increases turnover. One of the key characteristics of successful business leaders, according to 61 percent of them, is a willingness to engage in revitalization of employees, actively trying to see what workers are capable of and then helping them achieve that.

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Success Tips: Get Your Motivation Where You Can Find It


People who care do a better job in everything they do.
Why do people care? 

What inspires them? 

The answer is almost anything you can imagine.

Some people are driven internally by their own competitive juices. Some are driven externally by their thirst for approval and appreciation. Some are driven by a desire to succeed for their families, while others are driven to succeed to show up their families.

Use what you really care about to make yourself passionate about how things turn out. “I’d rather become a furniture mover” is how seventy-year-old Lorna responded when her doctor told her she needed to exercise regularly. She said exercise 
would bore her out of her mind.

Lorna and her doctors realized that exercising was so unappealing to Lorna that she was unlikely to follow through with it on her own. So her doctors helped

place her in a women’s exercise group that met three times a week at the University of Wisconsin.

While she was no great fan of the exercise regimen, it was the fifty other women in the group who first changed Lorna’s attitude. “The wonderful women kept me coming back. It’s one of the neatest groups of women I’ve ever met in my life. They have depth to them.”

Over time, the rewards of the exercise brought their own joy to Lorna’s life. “When I first started with this group I had back trouble and had laser surgery on my

knee and a lot of pains and stiffness. But I’m back now. I can twirl and jitterbug every bit as good as I did when I was a kid. So that’s amazing.”

When tested in national surveys against such seemingly crucial factors as intelligence, ability, and salary, level of motivation proves to be a more significant component in predicting career success. While level of motivation is highly correlated with success, importantly, the source of motivation varies greatly among individuals and is unrelated to success. 

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Until next time remember to Live, Laugh & Love. 

Success Tips: Be an Expert

Members of Congress vote on thousands of issues every year. The issues are prominent and obscure, domestic and foreign, things everybody thinks about all the time and things almost no one in the world ever thinks about.

How do they do it?

How can they possibly cope with all those issues at the same time?

They rely on a system of expertise. Members specialize in particular areas and share their expertise when “their” issue comes up for a vote.

The advantage of being the expert, of course, is that others listen to your thoughts and perspective because they have less knowledge and information. The expert then relies on others when a new subject comes up. Choose a particular area that is crucial to what you do, and learn everything you can about it. There is no better way to ensure that you will be invaluable and that your suggestions will be respected and followed.

Fred Wilber has sold quirky and hard-to-find music out of his store in Montpelier, Vermont, for twenty-seven years. He worried that the Internet, and specifically the giant Web retailers who seemed to be able to sell everything, might spell the end of his business. So he decided to go on-line himself. Fred has neither the resources nor the inclination to do battle with the Web superstores, so he designed his Web site as an on-line version of his physical store. It features items that reflect his peculiar tastes and unmatched knowledge of movie soundtracks.

Spotlighting his own expertise is bringing in business. “You can go anywhere to buy the latest hit cd, but who is going to tell you about a great cd you’ve never heard of?

Let alone track down a copy of an out-of-print movie soundtrack of Gordy! The Little Pig that Hit it Big! I can do those kinds of things, and no one else can.”

By “focusing on our own niche, what we know best,” Fred has watched his combined in-store and on-line sales grow by over 10 percent a year and his customer base by 20 percent.

Sixty-eight percent of people who consider themselves successful say that there is at least one area of their job in which they are an expert.

Killer Copywriting Secrets (HACKS) You Might Have Not Thought About








You may have never thought of these tricks or “HACKS” so here you go. Please share and comment if you find this valuable.

  • Never lie to your readers/clients/prospects.

Always tell the truth and with todays ‘FAKE NEWS’ always support your claims with your proof. It is good to back your claims with testimonials, statistics, surveys, success stories, results, or case studies to make your content credible. To get a good index by Google you need to be an authority site on the subject. This means that the content must be ‘REAL’ so you can rank higher in search engine results than any other ‘Fake News’ content

  • Test all your links on your your website/blog

Broken links should be fixed before you post your content. If you use a link you do not own be sure it is working before you link to it. Links are GREAT but they must be working or your SEO will not work and all work you did may never be seen online.

  • Focus you influence on one specific niche

Link your content to other blogs/websites. Connect to influential people of that niche. You can also Let your influencers know that you mentioned them and providing quality content regarding their products or services and they might help you and encourage them to share your content. Be sure to use there best practices located on their site if they says it is ok to share their content with your own audience, great.

  • Improve the loading speed of your page

In todays, “ I WANT IT NOW “ attitude be sure your blog/site loads instantly on a phone and PC. No one wants to wait for the site to load. Focus on keeping your content concise. Reduce the size of all images & keep videos short.

  • Use other media

Viral & fun content is almost always accompanied by photos and videos. If you use other peoples images or content be sure to mention that under the image/video.

  • Reuse your content in surprising ways

If you need help to get ideas in content get active on other similar peoples blogs/websites. The best flattery is when others copy your content and make int their own. This post is not an original from me, but a re write of another persons post. I made it mine by using my words vs what they had. (re-write)

  • Be Yourself, no need to be an expert.

To many people worry about how the message will be received vs just completing the message. This is not your senior prom or a wedding night. People like good & honest words. Use your words as you would speak it yourself. This is your voice, not a professional news report. (FYI most content is written to fill space than connect with people) DO NOT!!! Try and sell people on your post to sell something. You are providing information for them to help them make a choice on how to proceed like a friend or family member.

Let me know how these copywriting secrets helped you by commenting below. I am sure this will help you convert more clients to a sale and increase you bottom line.

Lars Persson

Business Success Tips: Care

Whether at home or at work, people who find their lives fulfilling care about those around them.

They invest themselves in those around them, actively concerning themselves with their lives, concerns, interests, and well-being.

When his textile mill burned down in December of 1995, Malden Mills owner Aaron Feuerstein suffered a terrible blow. He’d invested heavily, both with his money and his life, in keeping his business thriving in the face of foreign competition, which paid its workers inhuman wages and could therefore undercut his prices.

When the architects, contractors, and accountants tallied up the costs of rebuilding, Aaron worried about whether the business could go on. But the more he thought about the business, the more he thought about the more than two thousand people who worked for him—people who came in every morning and worked hard all day, turning out a quality product that had brought in profits even when everybody else said it couldn’t be done.
Aaron made a decision then that not only would he rebuild his mill, he would also keep paying his employees while the mill was closed during the months of construction work ahead. Tears of sorrow at what happened to the plant, and what would happen to them, turned to tears of joy on his workers’ faces.

Today, the plant is up and running, and Malden Mills workers are, according to Aaron, “about the most loyal and hardworking people you could ever meet.”

Eight in ten ceos report that a healthy family life is crucial to a productive business life and that the same key skill—“interpersonal engagement,” the capacity to express concern and interest in those around them—is crucial to both home and work.

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How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business?

Social media is very powerful and useful. Everyone can use it for both personal and business purposes. It is one of the best ways to promote products or services, communicate with friends and connect with other people.

Why you need to use social media?

As an entrepreneur, it’s very important for you to understand not just your business, but also your customers. You need to know your target audience and their interest. One of the best ways to reach them is through social media networks.

You can use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media networks.

Here are the things that you need to know about social media before creating accounts for your business.

  • Facebook

This social media network has millions of users every day. Everyone can create a personal account and business page. The users can follow any pages, write reviews for a particular product and share posts.

As a business owner, it’s very important to include this platform in your marketing strategy. You can run ads and reach your target customers. Facebook allows the users to run different type of advertisement like brand awareness, traffic, conversions and many more.

  • Twitter

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter is very popular. It’s one of the best social media networks that you can use for your business. It allows the users to create tweets with 140 character limit. You can share photos, videos, follow other users and run ads.

Many successful companies are using Twitter. They use this social media network to connect with their customers, promote their business, services, products and contents. As an entrepreneur, you might want to use this platform for your business.

  • Instagram

Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps worldwide. Many people are using this social media network every day, sharing photos and videos. You can run ads using this platform and reach your target customers.

This social media network is about interesting pictures and videos. If you are planning to use Instagram for your business, then you need to make sure that your social media posts are high quality in order to attract the attention of others users.

  • Youtube

YouTube is really powerful, especially for business owners who want to promote their products. You can either create a channel and share videos or hire popular YouTube users. You don’t need to spend thousands just to create a video advertisement.

You can send a free sample of your product and let them create a review. It’s possible that the video can reach thousands or even millions of people around the world.

Of course, you can use other social media networks. Always remember, the success of your social media marketing depends on activity and contents.

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business?

  • Run targeted ads.

Social media advertising is not expensive. You can promote your business and reach possible customers by running targeted ads. For example, you have a Facebook page for your business and you are planning to run a campaign. You can select the location, interest, gender, age and language.

You don’t need to be a social media expert in order to run ads, but it is a must for you to do some test ads, compare and review the results. It will help you create successful social media advertisements in the future.

  • Share regular updates.

Once your social media channel is ready, you can start creating social media posts. Sharing regular updates will help you connect and engage with other users, as well as gain new customers. Always remember, social media contents are very powerful.

As an entrepreneur, you can use product images or create high quality videos about your business. You can also use a tool like Canva to create photos that you can use for your social media accounts. If you are very busy, you can schedule your posts for the entire week using Buffer or Hootsuite.

  • Use hashtags.

As a business owner, you need to use hashtags for your social media posts. Don’t forget to use your own business name. It will help build engagement and reach more users. For example, you are using Instagram and Twitter for your business. You can share a video or image, create a caption and include hashtags.

Your customers can include your business name in their posts for proper credit, especially when they are sharing photos of your products.

  • Provide customer service.

If you want to give the best experience to your customers, then you need to use social media networks for your business. You can answer their questions and messages by checking your channels regularly. Always remember, happy customers can help you get more clients.

Your success depends on your customers. It’s very important for you to provide the best customer service to everyone. It will help you build better relationships and increase your sales.

Social media networks can help you grow your business, reach thousands of possible customers, increase sales and provide great customer service.

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Why You Need A Blog For Your Business?

As you can see, most of the popular websites have a blog page. It is not just for personal use, but also for business purposes.

If you are planning to create a website or currently have one, then you need to make sure that you have a blog section. It is a page where you can share articles on a regular basis.

Why you need a blog for your business?

A blog page will give you an opportunity to build your online presence, share business updates, be an authority in your industry and connect with online users. Having a professional website and social media pages is not enough. As a business owner, you need to maximize the use of your

Here are the reasons why you need a blog for your business.

  • A blog helps you build your brand.

If you want your business to stand out, then you need to build your brand. One of the best ways to do that is to have a blog on your website. It will help you engage with your customers and share interesting contents. You can write about any topics, but you need to make sure that your blog posts are related to your industry. For example, your business is a clothing line. You can write about fashion tips, fashion trends and latest updates about your designs.

After writing and publishing articles on your blog page, you can start sharing those contents in your social media pages. It will help you drive traffic, as well as build connections between your website and social media networks.

  • Can rank your website.

If you have an active blog, then it’s possible that the rank of your website will improve. You need to share quality and helpful articles in order to get recognized by Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

A blog is not just for big companies, it is also for small business owners who want to reach more people online and increase their sales. For example, you are only selling 10 products in your online store. In short, you don’t have a regular update on your website. Having a blog section will help you publish articles and give you a chance to perform better in search results.

  • A blog is necessary for a successful digital marketing.

You can provide value to your customers by having a blog page in your website. When creating a marketing strategy, you need to include writing articles on a regular basis. If you have a lot of free time, you can publish one content every day. On the other hand, sharing 3 articles per week is a good start.

Of course, you can get possible customers from your social media pages, but you can continue your marketing efforts by writing articles. You can also use your blog to capture possible leads for your email marketing.

  • Can develop your own unique voice.

You can use your blog page to share announcement, business news, products, services and other important information. It is a great opportunity for you as a business owner. You can develop your own unique voice and let the personality of your brand stand out.

Your blog is a great way to communicate with your visitors. Always remember, a strong relationship with customers is the key to success for every business. If you want them to visit your website and show some interest in your products or services, then might want to start blogging.

  • A blog can help you stay focused.

If you really want to become a successful entrepreneur, then you need to know how to focus on your business. By having a blog on your website, you can develop and follow your content marketing strategy.

When you start paying attention to your business, sharing content will be part of your weekly routine. It’s very important for you to create a schedule for blog posts. Always remember, an entrepreneur who doesn’t know how to focus will never reach the top.

  • Can help you build confidence.

Yes, you read it right. By having a blog, you can build your confidence as a business owner. Once you start publishing, you will become an expert. Your readers will visit your website on a regular basis because your articles are helpful and they can read new blog posts every week.

Once you have regular readers, you can increase your sales. There’s a big possibility that some of those visitors will buy your products or services. They can also recommend you to their family and friends. Of course, you can also turn them into new customers.

Creating a blog page in your website can help you have a successful business. It is one of the best ways to create a strong foundation for you.

Are you ready to succeed? Download this FREE Home Business Guide now.

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