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Attract Good Company

Have you considered adding filters to your life? You should. 
Why? Because if you want to attract success, you have to first project success. You have to become what you want to attract.  
You have to know who you are, who you want to become, and then dedicate the time and effort to make it happen. This often means filtering out the negative, the critics, and filling those things in with motivation, goals, and creativity.  
How you think and how you communicate with others is key to attracting good company. See, you can’t just choose those people – they have to want to choose you as well. In order to be successful, you have to up your game.  
Think of it this way: when hosting a company party, you think about the guests and form the guest list based on a common interest or purpose. You don’t go out and invite just anyone off the street. You intentionally choose who will benefit from this gathering. You are creating a target market.  
The goal isn’t to reach the masses but to attract a focused, more intentional clientele. To do this you must first become a better person and attract better people.  
Improve yourself to attract success. 
Don’t overcomplicate it. 
Set your goals and stick to them. Know how what you are working on adds value to you, your business, and your clients. Don’t waste time chasing the distractions. 
Be intentional, work toward self-improvement, and don’t get sidetracked. Invest your money in training, make a game plan, and put the tools at your disposal to work for you.  
We’ve put together 16 Steps to get you started. Watch and find out if you are one of the 3 percent whom we want to work with.

Success Tips: Whet Your Appetite for Success

Appetite is an instinctive human regulatory device. We do not have to do anything to create it; it is already there. We were born with some level of appetite necessary to keep us alive.

Motivation for achievement is also an instinctive human regulatory device. We do not have to do anything to create it; it is already there. We were born with some level of motivation necessary to keep us alive.
Because appetite and motivation are instinctive, they predate our knowledge of their existence. But that doesn’t mean we are powerless to change them. We already know how to regulate appetite: drink two big glasses of water before a meal, and you will reduce your appetite for food.

In the same way, we can kill or whet our appetite for success. If you spend your time worrying and impatiently awaiting an easy life, you will reduce your motivation for success. If, on the other hand, you pursue activities you really care about, your motivation will increase. Cultivate your instincts in the direction you want them to lead you, and your growing motivation will make the pursuit of success easier. “I was the kind of student that really upset the teachers,” says Herbert Brennan, “because they believed I could be a good student but I never tried very hard. All through high school, I was no more than mediocre—listlessly going through the motions of chemistry, algebra, history, English, and the rest.” 

Herbert says he barely made it into the local state college, “and when I got there, I loafed my way through the placement exams, barely scoring outside of the remedial range.”
Sometime early in his freshman year, everything changed. “I remember the feeling to this day because it was so shocking. I was sitting down to read a book for my history class, and it hit me that I was happy about it. I was looking forward to opening the book and investing myself in it.”

Herbert graduated with honors with a degree in history and then went on to graduate school, ultimately to become a professor. “I became a different student when I found a subject I loved, and I was unstoppable once I knew what it was.”

Long-term studies of motivation find that people are capable of reducing or improving their level of motivation by as much as 58 percent during their careers.

I welcome you to comment below on this video and let me know what value you received from it and how you will use that and implement it in your life.

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15 things successful people do over holiday breaks

The holidays are almost here, which means you might be looking forward to some time off from work.

While this time of year might be a bit chaotic, a break from work can offer you the chance to recharge and refocus.

However, it’s crucial that you don’t squander the opportunity. 

15 things successful people do over holiday breaks

15 things successful people do over holiday breaks

Here are 15 things that successful people do during breaks:

  1. They have a plan

Successful people plan ahead when a holiday break is approaching, because they recognize that it’s a rare opportunity to enjoy well-earned leisure time. Even if the plan is to kick back, they usually have in mind certain activities, such as visiting with family or friends.

2. They compartmentalize

Don’t ruin your break by overworking yourself. If you need to get stuff done, there’s a way to handle it without dragging down the rest of your time off. If work needs to get done, assign a period during the day or the break to attend to it.

3. They set boundaries

Successful entrepreneurs let others know when and how they can be reached, so they can truly recharge. Setting a day and time during the week allows you to get a lot accomplished in an efficient way. So make sure to set up an “out of office” email.

4. They get organized before they leaveI

t can be hard to relax on break if you’ve left your work in a state of disarray. Tying up loose ends mitigates chaos and projects falling through the cracks by the time you return.

5. They assign someone to fill in

You may not have the luxury of literally handing over your projects to another person, but savvy entrepreneurs will at least have a contact available who can reach them in an emergency.

6. They set limits

Sometimes, you just have to say “no” to things on break. Depending on the status of your business and latitude in your position, you may sometimes have to say, ‘No,’ albeit diplomatically, when asked for things that can wait. If that’s been a challenge for you in the past, this is an opportunity to grow and feel more empowered in your work life.

7. They unwind

Successful people try to detach themselves from their cell phones. It will help you unwind and relax.

8. They visit family and friends

There’s no place like home for the holidays. There may be other times of the year when you have time off and those you care about aren’t available. But this is prime time for reconnecting with your family and friends; they likely have some down time, too.

9. They allow for some slack

At the end of the day, breaks are meant to be relaxing. Don’t overbook yourself. If you book yourself solid with activities during your time off, you may feel pressure, which is counterproductive.


10. They plan quick getaways or staycations

Full-fledged vacations can be amazing, enriching experiences, but a lot of holiday travel can also be rather draining. Successful people realize that low-key getaways and staycations can be just as fun during breaks.

11. They exercise

Don’t make excuses. Odds are, you’re downing a few more candy canes than usual over break, so it’s more crucial than ever that you keep up your exercise routine. Skipping workouts over the holidays can make you feel like you’re dragging, and you want to capitalize on valued time off by feeling your best mentally and physically.



12. They engage in their passions

Getting involved in your favorite hobby or pastime, whether it’s music, sports, art, reading, or other endeavors, gives you a broader and healthier perspective on life. It also makes you a more interesting person in and outside of your business.

13. They enjoy nature

Holidays are an excellent time to enjoy the great outdoors and get some much-needed fresh air.

14. They detach from work

Whatever you do, don’t waste your precious free time on your business. You might get ahead in the office in the short-term, but you’re risking burn out and sacrificing your own relaxation. Work-life balance can seem a trite term, but it’s how many business leaders define true success.


15. They volunteer

The holidays can be an ideal time to help others who are less fortunate, especially during this time of year when a sense of support and community goes a long way. Plus, helping others may make you feel happier and healthier.

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Success Secret – Don’t Want Everything

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We think of many aspects of life as a race—who gets the promotion, who gets the biggest salary, who has the nicest car. It’s a race between us and everyone around us for these things. 

Yet we don’t all need to have these things to succeed. What we need is what we need. Because someone else wants to be at the top or have the most or work the longest hours does not mean that you need those same things.

Success in life is not a matter of getting everything. That’s impossible and wouldn’t be much of a joy even if it were possible. Success is a matter of getting what you need.

Think of success as filling a box. You’ll be finished sooner not just by working harder to fill it but also by choosing a smaller box.

Becky considers herself normal in most respects. She has a career, a husband, two children, and almost no time.

“Do you ever feel like you woke up in an episode of Twilight Zone? My story is the person who constantly has more things to do and less time in which to do it. It’s like every day I have to make more runs to the store than the day before, and I have to do it in half the time.”

Becky concluded that the key to living life at her own pace, instead of in a rushed hurry, was “to realize what is really important. I spent so much time doing things because I thought I was supposed to instead of because they were really necessary.”

To get out of her Twilight Zone, Becky stopped going after everything. “If you run out of time trying to do absolutely everything, then sometimes you wind up finishing the stupid stuff and missing out on what really matters.”

What success means is not universal. Studies of people who have attained nearly identical achievements in the workplace, for example, find great variation in their level of satisfaction, with some considering themselves tremendously successful and others considering themselves average or even failures.

So what is your idea of success? A bonus at work? Going on a family vacation? Traveling around the world? We are all different, but we all have the ability to be a Better Self if we choose to keep learning. 

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Success Secrets – Resist the Urge to Be Average

Everywhere around you are average people. They entice you into being more like them by offering their acceptance and by leading you to believe that everyone else is already more like them than like you.

But the “average person sales pitch” leaves out that you will be sacrificing your goals, individuality, and unique ideas and that you will lead a life determined more by the preferences of the group than by you.

“A person who wants to be a leader must turn his back to the crowd,” says the sign on Ty Underwood’s desk. Ty runs a job placement service that works with laid-off and chronically underemployed workers.

“When I got here there was an attitude that this was all a show to keep the agency’s funding. We’d show up, have the clients come in to fill out some papers, then send them on their way. Nobody behaving as if there was important work to be done, nobody behaving as if there was potential to be tapped here.”

His first task was to change everything. To two-thirds of the staff, he minced no words:

“Here’s your resignation. Sign it.”

Now each day begins with the premise that “Everyone who walks through this door can do more. That goes for the counselors and the clients.” Two years later, Ty has taken an office he considered an embarrassment and turned it into a model, with a job placement record of 71 percent.

Psychologists have observed that bad habits can spread through an office like a contagious disease. Employees tend to mirror the bad behaviors of their co- workers, with factors as diverse as low morale, poor working habits, and theft from the employer all rising based on the negative behavior of peers.

Successfully yours,
Lars G Persson

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Success Secrets – Take Small Victories

Pursuing your goals is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. While you ultimately seek the final outcome, you still have to work piece by piece.
Since you will spend most of your time trying to make progress, you must enjoy what you are doing in order to finish.
Take joy from the process, and use the small successes to fuel your continued efforts.
Louis Minella spent a career planning every detail of the presentation of department stores. He knew everything about the business of catching the customer’s eye and using the layout to maximize sales. After thirty-one years in the business, he took early retirement. And then he looked for something worthwhile to do. Louis decided to open a mailing center, where people can ship packages, buy boxes, make copies, and send faxes. It was a major adjustment. “I used to be just one member of the team in an international organization, but now I’m in charge of everything.”
The hands-on difference was most significant. “Before, I was dealing with group managers. I used to issue reports and orders, but I didn’t personally do the work or do anything other than tell other people what to do. I’m in reality now.” He takes great joy from the daily hurdles overcome, like adjusting the hours of his star sixty-six-year-old employee to keep her content or fixing the leaking ink in the postage meter machine or figuring out how to copy a seven-hundred-page document.
“It’s a different ball game here, but it’s tremendously satisfying to learn every little thing that your business needs.”

Life satisfaction is 22 percent more likely for those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest only in major accomplishments.

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Success Tips: Look for Value

When we first meet people, our natural inclination is to size them up—to create an immediate impression of their abilities and liabilities.

Unfortunately, we often hold on to these vague and hasty conclusions and never revise them. This means we can easily overlook the talents of people we have written off based on superficial information.

Many people know to search for the overlooked value when they are buying something, but there is also great potential for overlooked value in the people around you.

Years went by, and Jane wondered if anybody was ever going to ask her to do anything more challenging than count. Her job was to monitor the assembly lines at a cosmetics manufacturer. Each hour she took note of the production level of each line and sent the information to the floor manager.

Jane counted output, matched it with a count of materials used, and then did it all over again. Nobody asked her why the lines were slow or fast. That wasn’t her job. Just count.

Over the course of five years, Jane took note of a hundred factors that influenced the pace of the lines, factors she knew nobody else was paying attention to. For one, if the volume on the radio system was too low, the workers spoke to each other more often, slowing down their pace.

The general manager casually asked her one time how things were going, expecting a generic response. He nearly fell over when Jane said production was down 2 percent and offered a list of the three most likely explanations.

Jane finally became visible to management, and she was promoted to a job where she could put to use many of the observations she’d made over the years.

Researchers find that the tendency to quickly assess abilities in other people is thought by many to be a highly valuable skill. In truth, this habit actually reduces productivity and increases turnover. One of the key characteristics of successful business leaders, according to 61 percent of them, is a willingness to engage in revitalization of employees, actively trying to see what workers are capable of and then helping them achieve that.

I hope you found this topic and message worthwhile. If so please comment below and click subscribe to my youtube channel. 

Success Tips: Be an Expert

Members of Congress vote on thousands of issues every year. The issues are prominent and obscure, domestic and foreign, things everybody thinks about all the time and things almost no one in the world ever thinks about.

How do they do it?

How can they possibly cope with all those issues at the same time?

They rely on a system of expertise. Members specialize in particular areas and share their expertise when “their” issue comes up for a vote.

The advantage of being the expert, of course, is that others listen to your thoughts and perspective because they have less knowledge and information. The expert then relies on others when a new subject comes up. Choose a particular area that is crucial to what you do, and learn everything you can about it. There is no better way to ensure that you will be invaluable and that your suggestions will be respected and followed.

Fred Wilber has sold quirky and hard-to-find music out of his store in Montpelier, Vermont, for twenty-seven years. He worried that the Internet, and specifically the giant Web retailers who seemed to be able to sell everything, might spell the end of his business. So he decided to go on-line himself. Fred has neither the resources nor the inclination to do battle with the Web superstores, so he designed his Web site as an on-line version of his physical store. It features items that reflect his peculiar tastes and unmatched knowledge of movie soundtracks.

Spotlighting his own expertise is bringing in business. “You can go anywhere to buy the latest hit cd, but who is going to tell you about a great cd you’ve never heard of?

Let alone track down a copy of an out-of-print movie soundtrack of Gordy! The Little Pig that Hit it Big! I can do those kinds of things, and no one else can.”

By “focusing on our own niche, what we know best,” Fred has watched his combined in-store and on-line sales grow by over 10 percent a year and his customer base by 20 percent.

Sixty-eight percent of people who consider themselves successful say that there is at least one area of their job in which they are an expert.

Killer Copywriting Secrets (HACKS) You Might Have Not Thought About








You may have never thought of these tricks or “HACKS” so here you go. Please share and comment if you find this valuable.

  • Never lie to your readers/clients/prospects.

Always tell the truth and with todays ‘FAKE NEWS’ always support your claims with your proof. It is good to back your claims with testimonials, statistics, surveys, success stories, results, or case studies to make your content credible. To get a good index by Google you need to be an authority site on the subject. This means that the content must be ‘REAL’ so you can rank higher in search engine results than any other ‘Fake News’ content

  • Test all your links on your your website/blog

Broken links should be fixed before you post your content. If you use a link you do not own be sure it is working before you link to it. Links are GREAT but they must be working or your SEO will not work and all work you did may never be seen online.

  • Focus you influence on one specific niche

Link your content to other blogs/websites. Connect to influential people of that niche. You can also Let your influencers know that you mentioned them and providing quality content regarding their products or services and they might help you and encourage them to share your content. Be sure to use there best practices located on their site if they says it is ok to share their content with your own audience, great.

  • Improve the loading speed of your page

In todays, “ I WANT IT NOW “ attitude be sure your blog/site loads instantly on a phone and PC. No one wants to wait for the site to load. Focus on keeping your content concise. Reduce the size of all images & keep videos short.

  • Use other media

Viral & fun content is almost always accompanied by photos and videos. If you use other peoples images or content be sure to mention that under the image/video.

  • Reuse your content in surprising ways

If you need help to get ideas in content get active on other similar peoples blogs/websites. The best flattery is when others copy your content and make int their own. This post is not an original from me, but a re write of another persons post. I made it mine by using my words vs what they had. (re-write)

  • Be Yourself, no need to be an expert.

To many people worry about how the message will be received vs just completing the message. This is not your senior prom or a wedding night. People like good & honest words. Use your words as you would speak it yourself. This is your voice, not a professional news report. (FYI most content is written to fill space than connect with people) DO NOT!!! Try and sell people on your post to sell something. You are providing information for them to help them make a choice on how to proceed like a friend or family member.

Let me know how these copywriting secrets helped you by commenting below. I am sure this will help you convert more clients to a sale and increase you bottom line.

Lars Persson

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