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Success Secrets – Resist the Urge to Be Average

Everywhere around you are average people. They entice you into being more like them by offering their acceptance and by leading you to believe that everyone else is already more like them than like you.

But the “average person sales pitch” leaves out that you will be sacrificing your goals, individuality, and unique ideas and that you will lead a life determined more by the preferences of the group than by you.

“A person who wants to be a leader must turn his back to the crowd,” says the sign on Ty Underwood’s desk. Ty runs a job placement service that works with laid-off and chronically underemployed workers.

“When I got here there was an attitude that this was all a show to keep the agency’s funding. We’d show up, have the clients come in to fill out some papers, then send them on their way. Nobody behaving as if there was important work to be done, nobody behaving as if there was potential to be tapped here.”

His first task was to change everything. To two-thirds of the staff, he minced no words:

“Here’s your resignation. Sign it.”

Now each day begins with the premise that “Everyone who walks through this door can do more. That goes for the counselors and the clients.” Two years later, Ty has taken an office he considered an embarrassment and turned it into a model, with a job placement record of 71 percent.

Psychologists have observed that bad habits can spread through an office like a contagious disease. Employees tend to mirror the bad behaviors of their co- workers, with factors as diverse as low morale, poor working habits, and theft from the employer all rising based on the negative behavior of peers.

Successfully yours,
Lars G Persson

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This is Lars signing off and remember to live, laugh and love one another.

Success Secret – You Can’t Force Yourself to Like Broccoli

Certain jobs require a distinct personality. There is little point in pursuing a job in communications if you are not an extroverted person who loves to interact with people. If your soul bursts with passionate creativity, you are not likely to be content with a job in accounting . 

Personalities are like shoe sizes. They are not subject to our choice or preference, but they can be occasionally fudged—with uncomfortable consequences. It is neither an accomplishment nor a fault to acknowledge that some people can speak before large audiences and be exhilarated by the experience while others would be petrified. Some people can study an equation for years and be fascinated by it, and others would long for human interaction and variety. 


Realize who you are—what your true personality is—and choose a future that fits it.

Hardly a day goes by without at least one of his clients refusing to work with him. In fact, sometimes they spit up on him. But photographer Jean Deer loves his job. He has taken hundreds of children’s portraits, and he is well acquainted with all the tricks of the trade to make a baby smile. Jean’s an expert in every funny face and noise imaginable. 


“When it’s over, everyone—me, the parents, and the children—are exhausted, but that’s usually a good sign.”

Jean found that getting babies to flash their smiles wasn’t the only way to get a great picture and that a grumpy baby was just another source of inspiration. “I was taking a photo once of this infant who literally wanted nothing to do with me. He would not look up, just stared at the floor.” Jean got down on the floor with him, took the picture from a perspective he’d never used before, and wound up with one of the best pictures he’d ever taken. 

The job requires two major traits, Jean believes. “Not everyone can just hang out a shingle and call himself a photographer. It’s all a matter of being patient and energetic and then capturing the right moment.”

Even as people experience different phases of their lives, including career and family changes, their underlying personality remains constant after about age sixteen.

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This is Lars signing off and remember to always live, laugh and Love one another. 

Success Secrets – Take Small Victories

Pursuing your goals is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. While you ultimately seek the final outcome, you still have to work piece by piece.
Since you will spend most of your time trying to make progress, you must enjoy what you are doing in order to finish.
Take joy from the process, and use the small successes to fuel your continued efforts.
Louis Minella spent a career planning every detail of the presentation of department stores. He knew everything about the business of catching the customer’s eye and using the layout to maximize sales. After thirty-one years in the business, he took early retirement. And then he looked for something worthwhile to do. Louis decided to open a mailing center, where people can ship packages, buy boxes, make copies, and send faxes. It was a major adjustment. “I used to be just one member of the team in an international organization, but now I’m in charge of everything.”
The hands-on difference was most significant. “Before, I was dealing with group managers. I used to issue reports and orders, but I didn’t personally do the work or do anything other than tell other people what to do. I’m in reality now.” He takes great joy from the daily hurdles overcome, like adjusting the hours of his star sixty-six-year-old employee to keep her content or fixing the leaking ink in the postage meter machine or figuring out how to copy a seven-hundred-page document.
“It’s a different ball game here, but it’s tremendously satisfying to learn every little thing that your business needs.”

Life satisfaction is 22 percent more likely for those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest only in major accomplishments.

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Success Secrets – Creativity Comes from Within

Everyone wants to think of something new—solve a problem no one else can solve, offer a valuable idea no else has conceived of. And every business wants to encourage its employees to have the next great idea.

So when a business offers its employees a bonus for creative ideas, a flood of great, original thoughts should come pouring in. Right?

We think that creativity, like any other task, can be bought and sold. But creativity is not the same as hard work and effort; it requires genuine inspiration. It is the product of a mind thoroughly intrigued by a question, a situation, a possibility.

Thus, creativity comes not in exchange for money or rewards but when we focus our attention on something because we want to.
Japan Railways East had the contract to build a bullet train between Tokyo and Nagano to be put in place in time for the 1998 Winter Olympics.
Unfortunately, tunnels built by the company through the mountains kept filling with water. The company brought in a team of engineers, who were highly paid to come up with the best solution. The engineers analyzed the problems and drew up an extensive set of plans to build an expensive drain and a system of aqueducts to divert the water out of the tunnels.

A thirsty maintenance worker one day came up with a different solution when he bent over and took a large swallow of the tunnel water. It tasted great, better than the bottled water he had in his lunch pail.

He told his boss they should bottle it and sell it as premium mineral water.
Thus was born Oshimizu bottled water, which the railroad sells from vending machines on its platforms and has expanded to selling by home delivery. A huge cost was transformed into a huge profit, all by looking at the situation differently.

Experiments offering money in exchange for creative solutions to problems find that monetary rewards are unrelated to the capacity of people to offer original ideas. Instead, creativity is most frequently the product of genuine interest in the problem and a belief that creativity will be personally appreciated by superiors.

Successfully yours,

Lars G Persson

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Success Secrets – It’s Not How Hard You Try

Work hard and you will be rewarded. It sounds simple.

But remember what it was like studying for a test? Some kids studied forever and did poorly. Some studied hardly at all and made great grades.

You can spend incredible effort inefficiently and gain nothing. Or, you can spend modest efforts efficiently and be rewarded.

The purpose of what you do is to make progress, not just to expend yourself.

Achenbach’s Pastries was a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, institution. The family-owned bakery had a loyal customer base and had operated profitably for
more than four decades.

In the 1990s the owners decided to expand—to offer deli sandwiches and other goods and to add new locations for both retail and wholesale sales.

The bakery’s owners had never worked harder in their lives than they did after the expansion. And in return for all their hard work, they got less money and the
threat of bankruptcy because they could not keep up with debts incurred in the expansion.

Earl Hess, a retired business executive, provided capital to keep the company in business and then ultimately bought the entire operation. He looked at things as an objective observer and found that the bakery was doomed by inefficiencies. “They had too many products. Ninety percent of sales came from 10 percent of the products. They were losing their aprons making low-volume items.”

Hess says when he took over the company he knew: “These people couldn’t possibly have worked any harder, but they could have worked smarter.”

Effort is the single most overrated trait in producing success. People rank it as the best predictor of success when in reality it is one of the least significant factors. Effort, by itself, is a terrible predictor of outcomes because inefficient effort is a tremendous source of discouragement, leaving people to conclude that they can never succeed since even expending maximum effort has not produced results.

Successfully yours,
Lars G Persson

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Success Secrets – Competence Starts with you Feeling Confident

How good are you at what you do? 

Do you have tests or periodic evaluations or some other means to measure your performance? 

Surely, there is an objective way to demonstrate whether you are good at what you do and whether you should consider yourself a success.

Actually, people who do not think they are good at what they do—who do not think they are capable of success or leadership—do not change their opinion even when they are presented with indicators of success. 

Instead, their self-doubts overrule evidence to the contrary.

Don’t wait for your next evaluation to improve your judgment of yourself, because feelings are not dependent on facts—and feelings of competence actually start with the feelings and then produce the competence.

Ross, a dancer from Springfield, Missouri, dreams of making it to Broadway. His road to dancing glory began with local amateur productions, the kinds of productions in which auditions take place in front of all the other performers trying out. Ross found the experience daunting; it was like being examined by a doctor with all your peers watching. “I was so scared. I felt like I had just come out of the cornfields,” Ross said.

Sometimes he succeeded, and sometimes he didn’t, but Ross was able to try out for different parts in various productions and gain tremendously from the experience. “I have more confidence about my auditioning technique now that I have done it in front of so many people so many times.”

When he tried out for the first time for a professional touring company, he won a spot in a production of Footloose.

Ross has one explanation for his immediate success in landing a professional part: “I had confidence. If you want to do it, you have to really want it and believe in it. You have to make it happen. You can’t sit back and hope that someone is going to help you along.”

For most people studied, the first step toward improving their job performance had nothing to do with the job itself but instead with improving how they felt about themselves. In fact, for eight in ten people, self-image matters more in how they rate their job performance than does their actual job performance. 

Successfully yours, 

Lars G Persson

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Success Tips: Look for Value

When we first meet people, our natural inclination is to size them up—to create an immediate impression of their abilities and liabilities.

Unfortunately, we often hold on to these vague and hasty conclusions and never revise them. This means we can easily overlook the talents of people we have written off based on superficial information.

Many people know to search for the overlooked value when they are buying something, but there is also great potential for overlooked value in the people around you.

Years went by, and Jane wondered if anybody was ever going to ask her to do anything more challenging than count. Her job was to monitor the assembly lines at a cosmetics manufacturer. Each hour she took note of the production level of each line and sent the information to the floor manager.

Jane counted output, matched it with a count of materials used, and then did it all over again. Nobody asked her why the lines were slow or fast. That wasn’t her job. Just count.

Over the course of five years, Jane took note of a hundred factors that influenced the pace of the lines, factors she knew nobody else was paying attention to. For one, if the volume on the radio system was too low, the workers spoke to each other more often, slowing down their pace.

The general manager casually asked her one time how things were going, expecting a generic response. He nearly fell over when Jane said production was down 2 percent and offered a list of the three most likely explanations.

Jane finally became visible to management, and she was promoted to a job where she could put to use many of the observations she’d made over the years.

Researchers find that the tendency to quickly assess abilities in other people is thought by many to be a highly valuable skill. In truth, this habit actually reduces productivity and increases turnover. One of the key characteristics of successful business leaders, according to 61 percent of them, is a willingness to engage in revitalization of employees, actively trying to see what workers are capable of and then helping them achieve that.

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Success Tips: Get Your Motivation Where You Can Find It


People who care do a better job in everything they do.
Why do people care? 

What inspires them? 

The answer is almost anything you can imagine.

Some people are driven internally by their own competitive juices. Some are driven externally by their thirst for approval and appreciation. Some are driven by a desire to succeed for their families, while others are driven to succeed to show up their families.

Use what you really care about to make yourself passionate about how things turn out. “I’d rather become a furniture mover” is how seventy-year-old Lorna responded when her doctor told her she needed to exercise regularly. She said exercise 
would bore her out of her mind.

Lorna and her doctors realized that exercising was so unappealing to Lorna that she was unlikely to follow through with it on her own. So her doctors helped

place her in a women’s exercise group that met three times a week at the University of Wisconsin.

While she was no great fan of the exercise regimen, it was the fifty other women in the group who first changed Lorna’s attitude. “The wonderful women kept me coming back. It’s one of the neatest groups of women I’ve ever met in my life. They have depth to them.”

Over time, the rewards of the exercise brought their own joy to Lorna’s life. “When I first started with this group I had back trouble and had laser surgery on my

knee and a lot of pains and stiffness. But I’m back now. I can twirl and jitterbug every bit as good as I did when I was a kid. So that’s amazing.”

When tested in national surveys against such seemingly crucial factors as intelligence, ability, and salary, level of motivation proves to be a more significant component in predicting career success. While level of motivation is highly correlated with success, importantly, the source of motivation varies greatly among individuals and is unrelated to success. 

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Four Keys to Personal Power

Let’s define personal power. A short definition is “the influence and authority an individual has over his or her followers.” The actual power you exhibit is controlled by your followers, not you.  

But you can become a person worth following. 

That’s on you. 

Below are four key traits that leaders worth following have. It’s your responsibility to grow in these areas in order to become an effective leader.  

Key 1: Be clear in intention, vision, and speech. 

To lead well, you must possess the ability to focus. You must be able to access where you are and where you are headed. Here are five steps to make that happen: 

  1. Set goals and reevaluate them often. 
  2. Have a clear vision that is simple to communicate to others.  
  3. Be decisive. Learn to make quick decisions and stick by them. 
  4. Focus on results, not activities. Being busy can actually be a distraction from doing what is most important.  
  5. Speak with clarity. In order for others to follow you, they have to understand where you are headed. Clear communication is key in accomplishing this.  

Key 2: Strive for excellence. 

To be the best in your field – to be considered an expert – you must first put in the hard work. Excellence yields opportunities. Improvement follows hard work. Each of us was born with a purpose. It’s up to you to become the champion you were born to be!    

What are you waiting for?  

No one but you can put in the work necessary to reach your fullest potential. 

Key 3: Develop and use common sense. 

Train your mind to see the natural consequences and results of decisions. The following are a few ways you can begin to develop common sense.  

  1. Think things through. Ask hard questions before making decisions and know what questions to ask. (Read: 4 questions to ask about any business opportunity.) 
  2. Listen to your intuition. With experience comes wisdom.     
  3. Read a lot. Soak in the wisdom and lessons learned the hard way from others.  
  4. Learn from setbacks. They aren’t failures; they are simply lessons to help you get it right the next time.  

Key 4: Learn empathy and consider others. 

Relationships determine success. As a leader, you must develop people skills and learn to hear where others are coming from. If you cannot hear them clearly you cannot lead them well. Why? Because you will be unable to communicate your vision to them. Leading is about selling a vision that others adopt as their own.   

We’ve all heard the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. But true leadership is about listening to the needs and dreams of others, developing relationships, and casting a vision. 

Leaders worth following are not only in it for themselves. They are actually casting a vision to make the world better. They give big and are people who genuinely care about the success of others.  

You Must Earn Personal Power 

Personal power is not yours for the taking. It’s something you must earn.  

You must: 

  • Be clear in intention, vision, and speech.  
  • Strive for excellence.  
  • Develop and use common sense.  
  • Learn empathy and consider the needs and dreams of others. 

If you do all of this well, then you will be a leader worth following! 

Success Tips: Failure Is Not Trying

The fear of failure is powerful. Nobody wants to reveal to others, or to themselves, that they were not capable of doing something they tried to do.
This fear can be used as a source of motivation to keep you working hard toward your goals. Yet this same fear offers a convenient escape clause. You can never fail if you don’t

bother to try.

Not trying is, of course, the ultimate failure, for it means you can never make progress toward your goals.

Jeff Howard is a school psychologist who studies how we teach youngsters and how they learn. He says most school systems informally break their student body into three groups: the very smart, the kind-of smart, and the kind-of dumb. By the time they reach the sixth grade, those consigned to the kind-of-dumb group are already well versed in the low expectations educators have for them.

“We put up barriers to these children in middle school, barriers we don’t expect them to climb over, barriers that they shouldn’t have to climb over.” For example, schools in Japan require every high school student to take calculus, while schools in the United States reserve calculus for the very smart. Howard argues that every student has the capacity to learn more—that studies of the learning capacity of your average four-year-old are more optimistic than the treatment received by the kind-of-dumb middle schooler.

The real danger in these categories is the big lesson they teach. For the top group, anything is possible, so they should never stop trying. For the bottom group, nothing is possible, so they shouldn’t bother trying. Indeed, these students mock their classmates who care or try to succeed.

Howard’s experimental solution involves putting students of all levels together and placing clear expectations and rewards in front of all of them. Early results show that all students, from all three levels, improved their test scores when expectations were increased.

When asked to describe significant regrets in their lives, more than eight out of ten people focused on actions they did not take rather than actions they did. In other words, they focused on things they failed to do rather than things they failed at doing.

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