Tips to being a Successful Entrepreneur …

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Tips to being a Successful Entrepreneur …

1. Be Coachable!

Guess what! You do not know all there is to know. Why reinvent the wheel when you have a proven system that works?

Take action today, if you are willing to learn from the best. You must be coachable if you are going to succeed.

2. Be Prepared for the Naysayers in your in life.

Yes, you will have Naysayers who will tell you you won’t be successful. Many of your family and friends think they are protecting you by being negative about what you are doing but you need to surround yourself with the 3% who do support you. And have an answer ready to give to those who appose your decision.

Let me share a True story.

Many of you know I taught High School Math at an International School in Kuwait. I was there during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. All the other International Schools closed the spring that the bombing of Baghdad began and sent their International Teachers out of Kuwait. My school closed the Elementary and Middle Schools but not the High School. The Class of 2003 were just starting school when the first Gulf War took place in 1991 and the owners didn’t want those students to have their education disrupted for the second time. [In 1991 Saddam Hussein’s Army had used our school building as a headquarters. (There were bullet holes in the stairwell and in the halls of the school.)]
We, as high school staff, voted to stay open and each of us had the option to stay or be flown out of the area. I chose to stay.

When I told my family and friends my decision to remain in Kuwait during the ‘Crash and Burn’, I posted on Social media and shared that I wasn’t afraid and I knew that God had brought me to Kuwait in the first place and I hadn’t heard Him telling me to leave. I said I knew that many reading my post didn’t agree with my decision and that was OK, but please do not send me any negative comments or replies. I was going to stay in Kuwait.

It worked.

I heard from those who encouraged me and didn’t hear from those who disagreed with me. I know many of the silent ones were praying for my safety and it obviously worked. But the best thing was I was able to surround myself with positive encouragement. I was able to keep the naysayers away!

Are you ready to put the naysayers of financial freedom away from your mind and embrace the opportunity that is at your doorstep?

3.  You have to DO something, if you want things to change.

If doing what you have been doing got you to this point today, what makes you think that doing the EXACT SAME THING will get you somewhere different?

Trust me, it won’t.

Take action right now.

4.  Systems build wealth not people.

What is wealth? Do you measure wealth by factoring in time freedom, risk minimization, and income? If the answer is yes, then you need a proven system that works to build wealth.

Check out and discover how you can have the freedom to live the life of your dreams.

5.  Decision-making requires Action.

Action is what propels a person forward. To quote Andrew J. Cass, “Opportunities present themselves daily, but when you get stuck on making a decision, an opportunity quickly becomes a missed one.”

Take action to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

6.  Create a Winning Mindset.

Focusing on the positive encourages one to move forward. Self-imposed limitations must be overcome to create a winning mindset.

Discover how you can create a winning mindset and live a life of Freedom and Choice.

I hope you found these tips to motivate you to Take Action TODAY!

Lucy Graham,
CEO of LucyResources
Transcend Member of LDI

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