Traveling Tuesdays! #2 – My List of Countries I Visited!

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Travelling Tuesdays! This is my post for Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I am posting this early because I will be away from my computer next week! I am traveling again. This time I am off to the International Music Camp to attend a week long camp improving my Hand Bell Ringing Skills!

My List of Countries I Visited!

I trust I peeked your interest and you are wondering what countries has Lucy been to for each letter of the Alphabet?

Well here is my list. I keep remembering more every day!

A-Austria, Australia, Abu Dhabi,
B-Belize, Belgium, Botswana, Bahrain, Bahamas, Bolivia
C-Canada, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Costa Rica
D-Denmark, Dubai,
E-Egypt, England, Estonia
F-France, Finland, Fiji
G-Greece, Germany, Gilbralter
H-Hong Kong, Holy See, Hungary
I-Ireland, India, Israel, Italy
J-Jordan, Japan
K-Kuwait, Kenya
L-Lebanon, Lichtenstein,
M-Malta, Malaysia, Mexico
N-New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, N. Ireland
P-Philippines, Portugal, Peru
S-Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Syria, Sri Lanka, Singapore,
South Africa, Sweden, Saudi Arabia
T-Turkey, Thailand
U-United Kingdom, United States, UAE
V-Vietnam, Venezuela
Z-Zambia, Zimbabwe

Oops – I missed calculated. Not 100 Countries. But wait – I have been and experienced so many amazing things in various places all over the world. I will start another list.  Come back next time to see more.

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