Traveling Tuesdays #10 September 4, 2018

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Traveling Tuesdays for the Letter ‘G’ is going to highlight Greece!

I have had the opportunity to take a trip to Greece on three different holidays.  The first time I was on my own and spent two weeks exploring this amazing country in 1993.

The second time I was there for a Teachers’ Convention for NESA while I was teaching in Kuwait.  My sister, Harriet, flew from Canada and met me in Athens so we could be together for the conference and tacking on a few days on either end, gave me time to act as tour guide and revisit some of the places I had seen 14 years earlier.

The third visit to Greece was a shared holiday with my other sister, Ruth.  She flew to Athens from Egypt and I flew from Kuwait and we stayed in a timeshare on one of the Greek Islands.

For the purpose of this Travelling Tuesday blog, I am going to share some of the sights I was able to share with Harriet when I attended the NESA Teachers’ Conference in Athens in April of 2007.


I booked a bus trip to Corinth and took this picture of Harriet on the bridge over the locks.  How fortunate to see a ship passing through the locks while we were there.

Corinth was a city-state on the Isthmus of Corinth, a narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnese to the mainland of Greece.

The modern city of Corinth is located about 5 km northeast of the ancient ruins where one can visit and see one of the places the Apostle Paul visited while he was on his missionary travels.



One excursion we took was a cruise to visit a couple of nearby islands.  These pictures show some of the sights we enjoyed on the beautiful sunny day!



We had some breaks during the conference to take a few walking trips around Athens and were fortunate to get a close up view of the changing of the guards at this post and to wander down to the site of the Modern Olympic Games.

There was an event taking place that day and we couldn’t go inside but I manged to get a picture by holding my camera through the gate  and if you look closely you can see Montreal 1976 on the plague.

 A trip to Greece is not complete without a trip 70 km south of Athens to the Temple of Poseidon standing on the edge of a cliff that is 65m from the sea.  The gleaming white columns are made of marble from nearby Agrilesa.  Built in 444 BC, sailors in ancient times knew they were almost home when they saw the first glimpse of white.


The views from the temple and through this natural picture frame are stunning.




I love how persistant this flower is.  Finding a crack in the wall the flower blooms to share its beauty for those of us who take the opportunity to notice.


I have many more pictures to share of our working holiday in Greece.

But time is running out for this episode in my Travelling Tuesdays Adventures.

If you want to learn more about how I have the Freedom to Travel and share my adventures check out my LucyResources page and click the learn more button.

Come back next week and find out which country starting with the letter ‘H’ will be featured.

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