Traveling Tuesdays Round Three – #80 Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020

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Traveling Tuesdays is going to a place that has the letter X in its name.  In Round one we went to Xi’an Province in China.  For Round Two we visited Luxembourg, and for Round Three we will go to Mexico.

I went to Mexico the summer of 2011. I was a member of a team from my church in Lethbridge.

We flew to Guadalajara and then drove to Lake Chapala.

We were there to help a local church carry out a DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) for the children who lived in the area in and around the church.  Not knowing the language very well, we learned lots from the locals as they helped with translation and as we teamed with them to provide a program for the children. 

While there, we stayed at a timeshare villa in Ajijic, shopped for groceries at the local supermarket and shared meals and chores with the members of our team.

After our week in Chapala, the team returned to the airport in Guadalajara.

My friend, Teresa, and I said goodbye to the team and we took a taxi into the city of Guadalajara. We checked in to a hotel for a couple of nights.  We had a day to do some sight seeing in Guadalajara.

We took a city tour in this horse drawn carriage and saw many of the sites in the postcard on the right.

Our next destination was to Puerto Vallarta where I had booked a timeshare week at an RCI resort.  

We enjoyed the lazy river at this resort as well as exploring the area.

We took a few day trips and enjoyed snorkeling, horseback riding, and a show featuring the local folklore of the area.  Lots of fun relaxing before heading home.

There are lots of things to see and do in Mexico.  Definitely worth another trip to enjoy the culture and discover so many interesting things in this beautiful country.

Be sure and return next week as Traveling Tuesdays is going to a place starting with the letter ‘Y’.


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