Aren’t You Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

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So my buddy Jeff just released his Laptop Lifestyle Formula that allowed him to make nearly $450,000 in his FIRST year in online marketing.



When I asked him how he did it he told me he had a gift for making complicated things really simple and developing online and lead funnels that produce $1,000 commissions like clockwork for him and his affiliates.



Watch this short video before it disappears and discover how you can work directly with Jeff and his dreamteam of online top producers.


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To your success online,



Harold Estes


I’d Like To Give You My New Book… FREE

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How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Create a Wildly Profitable Online Business FAST
  • 7 Secrets of Six Figure Producers – These Time Saving Shortcuts Will Obliterate Every Single Obstacle Standing Between You And a Thriving Six-Figure Business from Home
  • The 3 BIG profit-destroying problems that plague 99% of online businesses (avoid these 3 debilitating problems and you can print money on demand with more speed pleasure and ease) 
  • The Weird New Online Formula That Allowed Him to Get Out of Debt and Make Over $450,000 in His First Year in Home Based Business

My Amazing NEW ‘Online Survival Guide’ eBook [Open Now]

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Have you ever wanted the exact secrets to build a six or 7-figure online business ?

Well now is your chance: Click Here to Check it out.



Recently I created this step by step guide and resource to show you how to avoid costly mistakes and create a wildly profitable online business FAST And I want you to have a copy….
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But do it now while its fresh in your mind…


Talk soon,

Harold Estes



I have one goal for the email I’m sending you tomorrow…

And that is to knock your socks off with business building value! Stay tuned for some cutting edge “how to” training that you can use right away to increase profits in your business….

How to Obtain True Wealth

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What is true wealth?  True wealth – or at least my personal definition of it – is creating substantial financial means in a shortened period of time outside of today’s standard or norm. But it’s about more than money. True wealth is not monetary alone. It has to do with a mindset. It’s about reaching for a goal, living a lifestyle,…

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Why Making Money Online Is So Hard

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Did you come here by Googling “how can I make money online”? If you’re looking for an easy, get-rich-quick scheme, you’re not going to find it. In fact, that type of Googling will land you on scam after scam.  The truth is… Making money online is hard.    That is, only if you do it the way most people try to do it. The good…

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