Hello all!

My name is Paul Christman. I currently reside in Jamestown, RI. I am originally from Berlin, New Hampshire. I have formerly worked in a number of different fields but the two longest standing would be submarine construction and more recently as an operations manager of an airship (blimp) manufacturer and operator. 

Although the latter of the two afforded me the opportunity to travel and live in many areas all across the USA, Europe, and South America; at the end of the day (as the saying goes) it was just another job with long hours and subject to the whims of the market place. The bottom line was I needed to find another way. One where I was calling the shots and where I could spend more time with my family. In other words, a home based business felt like the ticket for me.

If you are like me, you probably searched and even started researching many ads for big $$$ opportunities online. More often than not (as was the case for me) you get started only to find out after getting in the front door; you were abandoned and left to figure it out on your own. You are not alone! However, I was determined to locate the right opportunity for me that would allow me to control my own destiny.

A little less than a year ago I stumbled across an ad for an opportunity to learn about an online business which included a short video featuring a guy by the name of Jeff Lerner. In the video Jeff introduces himself and explains      How to Get $1,000 Commissions Delivered to Your Bank Account Over and Over Again Like Clock Work with this Unusual New “T3FP Money-Making Formula”

I will provide you with a link to the very same video I first watched (below) an ultimately turned out to be the single best decision I ever made for my life. First, I want to continue by saying that after implementing the unusual new “T3FP Money-Making Formula” I have been quite happily stunned with the results. So, what do (YOU) have to lose. Just click the link below and check it out for yourself.

I can tell you this; as I got started with my new business with the support of not only my mentor Jeff Lerner but his affiliates as well, I have never felt I was alone in this endeavor at any point.

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Every time we face a fear – we are a little more free.