Do you remember a time when you really felt success? What I mean by that is not limited to things such as scholastic or financial successes. It is the understanding of recognizing when it may be the right time to just say maybe – to something new!

What I am referring to is a success where you know in the moment that this event would be a defining moment in your life.  A moment that will remain with you for the rest of your life. I am not talking about just a personal achievement in the moment; I am talking about that moment where you learned something about yourself that you knew right then would serve you going forward perhaps in each and every area of your life. It likely was not even about the achievement itself, but more the wall climbed and/or self limitation revealed and conquered that is pivotal. In my case it was undeniably the latter.

My moment came when I was about 15 or 16 years old. The background to the story is that all through school leading up to this point in my life, I was always considerably smaller than my peers. As a result, the (wall of fear) that I was building (not until later I would know I created all in my head) would be crippling for years to follow. I always loved sports of all kinds and was pretty good at a few of them but baseball was always where I was most confident and competent. It was the one activity that inwardly I always felt most confident when I measured myself against my peers. The moment came in a Babe Ruth League game in which our team had fallen behind in the first two innings. At that time the coach brought me in from playing shortstop to pitch in the third inning. When I went out to warm up  I heard and watched one of my teammates on the bench looking at me and saying “there goes the game”. I remember feeling a range of emotions ranging from intimidation, betrayal, all the way to anger. It was the anger I harnessed in that moment saying to myself that his words may be true in any other area but NOT HERE on the baseball field where I had always felt confident. I then started pitching with that controlled anger and throwing as hard as I could throw – every pitch. I was not getting cute but just throwing as hard as I could. I struck out the first two batters and heard the second one telling the next batter coming up “this kid is fast”. I struck the third batter in that inning. In fact, at the end I struck out the first eight batters I faced until one grounded out and another flew out. Better yet, we came back as a team and won the game! The teammate that had made the comment that set me on fire actually apologized…. I thanked him but in my mind not for the fact he had done so; I was thankful because his initial comments forced me to learn something of myself that lives with me to this day.

The lesson I learned that day is not to avoid fear (discomfort) but to embrace it. To conquer it is the greatest sense of accomplishment one can achieve. That reality was born for me that day, on that field. It has never left me and never failed me since.  It was not how I pitched that mattered at all. What I learned was that fear among my peers all those years had kept me down not because of my peers – it was because I hadn’t made the “CHOICE” to refuse to accept it and that it was within myself to control.

Today, I am 59 years old. I cannot measure in any singular way how that day changed my journey through life except that I know it began right there and I remember those four innings I pitched that day like I just came off that field.

Recently, I had another moment in my professional life that is a changing point. I have had successful management careers in several different industries including nuclear submarine construction and manufacturing and operating airships (blimps) worldwide. However, success is limited when you work for someone else and control is limited at best. I had been looking for a few years for a home based and/or online business where I could have more time with my family and simply more control over my life. Finally, I will not lie after several disappointments I found the guy with the right message at the right time that has changed my life in a profound way. It is a formula that put me in control of my life and comes with the coaching, followup, and support that all other offers simply lacked.

I met the man who along with his unique approach and dedication has become the most important mentor in my professional life. The man I am referring to is Jeff Lerner. I have included a link to the very same introduction that got me started on the way to being not only one of Jeff’s students but also one of his affiliates. All I ask is you just say MAYBE and click the link below to possibly grab a space to get started while they are available.

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I hope you find value and comment back and even follow my blog going forward!

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