You do not need to see the whole staircase in order to take the first step!

It is said that success is born in the decision. This does not mean success comes with making  the mere decision to succeed. Success can only be achieved when the decision is made to take the actions required to work towards reaching your goals. You must be dedicated and focused at all times in staying on the path leading to success.

Once you set your mind (commit yourself) to accomplishing an objective, there are three things that can derail your focus.

#1 – (Worry) or surrendering to fear is the most common distraction to maintaining focus. In short, worrying is a waste of time and more often than not eludes to concerns that likely will never happen. When you made the decision to achieve success you also envisioned a plan to accomplish success. An important part of that plan is envisioning possible obstacles and planning for them accordingly. If you have planned for something then there is no cause to worry!

#2 – (Pleasure) distracts from staying focused on the end goal by diverting you off of your plan. This is especially true when you face any emotions involved with #1 above. Always, always stay focused on your goal. Remember, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line!

#3 – (People Pleasing) The demands (on your time) can draw you away from the path towards your goal. You cannot be the “be all” and          “do all” for others and still remain focused on what’s required of yourself in achieving your goals.

In order to be a leader – you must stop being distracted into following. Stop living someone else’s dream and build your own.

Keep your focus and live your dream (NOW). Please comment and follow my blog and social media. Be well!

Paul Christman

Excel Affiliate – Lifestyle Design International