Take the 1st step in Faith

You do not have to see the whole staircase

Just – take the first step

(Martin Luther-King)

The dilemma is in making the “decision” to take action. For many of us, this decision to act is much harder that we think. Often, the triggers which are embedded in our thinking are the root cause of what inhibits us from making a decision and then acting upon it. In some cases it could be that we are introverted and taking certain actions just creates anxiety when attempting something outside our comfort zones. Another inhibitor may simply be from a fear of negative feedback regarding a previous action or future act. Another inhibitor may just be the fear of the unknown. It is a proven fact that there can be no learned behavior, no growth, if one does not venture away from their own comfort zone(s). If you allow your embedded inhibitions time, these inhibitions will become automatic and will thwart you from taking any action outside of your comfort zone.

The fact is, this is true and applicable in both our personal as well as our business decisions. Make no mistake – this has often been a challenge in my life that I had and continue to work at on a daily basis to overcome.

When we are faced with any fear, we have to ask ourselves if that fear is rooted internally within ourselves or from perceived external dynamics. When I have faced certain fears, I asked myself if fear arose because I lacked trust/faith in myself or was I being inhibited by the fear of what friends or colleagues reaction would be? From a logical standpoint, I know I am confident in myself and trust my ability to make good choices for myself. I also understand that nothing can be gained (growth) by standing still. Progress can only happen with movement, with action.

I also know from my best experiences:

  • Progress feels good
  • Feeling good is Positive by nature
  • Positivity is Freedom

As a result of polling myself; I quickly learned that often my fears were based on a preconceived idea on what “others” would think of me or say about me or my actions!

I recently read two different statements in one of the books I am reading:

  • What others think of me is (really) none of my business
  • Words are mirrors

Both of these are based on the same theme. Logically, other people’s thoughts are their own beliefs – they are not necessarily your beliefs at all. The latter statement is really pointing out that what you hear/see from external forces reflects their feelings/beliefs (not) our own thoughts.

The irony of it all is that subconsciously we do things every single day where we take action simply on faith. Here is just one example: When you are driving your car @ night and your headlights only illuminate the 200’ directly in front of you at a time. You just have trust/faith that the next 200’ will appear from the dark. Think about that…..

Why are we just comfortable and accept some things on faith but simply and automatically reject other fears or leaps of faith?

The bottom line is we need to think about what triggers our own internal auto-responses that have become embedded within us over time. In order for growth/progress to begin it starts by embracing and taking action to minimize them.

We all have the ability to control/program our thoughts. When you do this (daily) you can and will change the course of your life. It is all about the “decision” to take action. One thing is for sure; if you do not decide to act on your fears, those fears will remain embedded and your reaction to those fears will leave you without progress in any way. You will continue to live the life that you let external forces script for you with no regard for what your hopes and dreams may be.

Live the Lifestyle of Success! Be the CEO of your life! Take action!

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Be well!

Paul Christman

[email protected]