I think this is true with both our personal lives as well as our business building.

It is great to maintain that high level of focus that is absolutely required for growing your business. However, it is often true that we drift into tunnel vision mode in our mission to build our business. We allow ourselves to lapse into a space where we exclude everything else important .  At best, we inhibit our being able to enjoy the ride of life; rushing towards a goal we keep changing as we progress in our business. At worse,  we find ourselves distracted trying to right the things we have neglected along the way.

We have to remember that (growth) requires delegation. Always know the value of your time so you understand when/what to delegate. This is true not only for the growth of your business but also for maintaining the time balance for your personal life as well. How many times have you suddenly thought to yourself – where has the time gone? How much have I missed in my life?

When you are out on your bike, it is much easier to maintain your balance when both wheels are in motion. So, it is only logical that maintaining the balance between our family life and business life requires cultivation and motion in both.

The key to having success in life is being present in all portions of our lives. We only have this one life and allowing yourself to feel the ride of the entire journey is the path to fulfillment.


As always, be well, be safe, and be in the moment…….. they only come once!

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