Of course, in the case of an entrepreneur the answer is “never”. Entrepreneurs know that there will be failures on the way up the mountain towards achieving success at the summit. We will accept risk, overcome failure and deliberately move forward.  Successful people are proactive. They just take the 1st step without seeing the whole staircase because they have prepared for success before ever achieving it.

Successful people are consistently and deliberately developing themselves in both self-discipline and what level of quality of information they take in. There are four areas that successful people always are mindful of and take deliberate action accordingly:

(Lifelong Learning) Constantly taking in relevant information. The quality of input is proportional to  the quality of productivity. Successful people are constant seekers of relevant information and positive environment from many sources such as books, podcast, webinars and live events. For my money, having just attended a live event, and mingling with my mentors and my peers is a must do on your list.

(Reprogramming your brain) The “Mindset” of deliberately accepting failures but refusing to be deterred from achieving your goals. Being the CEO of You Inc.

(Mentors) Successful people always surround themselves with other’s already successful or striving to be.

(Consistent & Deliberate) Successful people are constantly active and focused. They have a deliberate daily plan to keep them focused from distractions and taking consistent action towards success. Successful people recognize when they need to delegate tasks in order to be an effective leader and focused on success.

My mentor Jeff Lerner not only taught me in four areas above but he puts them in the forefront of everything he does with his businesses. He worked his way from being $400,000. in debt to being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the online space. Click on the link and learn more from the man himself. http://bit.ly/2pPwiBKblog

The experience (is) the journey. Hope you found some value or food for thought.

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