Generally speaking Entrepreneur’s have skills and value that they (choose) to utilize by being their own CEO for achieving success. Employee’s have skills they (choose) to provide to a business in exchange for wages, the value of which is determined by the employer.

Entrepreneur’s work (on) their business while employee’s work in other peoplesĀ  business. In other words, an entrepreneur determines their own road to make a living; employees are subject to the success of the business owner and/or the demand for the products the business their employer provides in the effort to make their living.

Entrepreneur’s focus on the value of their output

Employee’s focus on the effort of their input

Entrepreneur’s focus on opportunities

Employee’s focus on obstacles

Successful entrepreneur’s are often avid readers. They firmly believe that the quality of what they take in has a direct correlation to the quality of what they offer. Entrepreneurial minded people are constantly seeking personal development and gravitate towards other successful entrepreneurs to gain their edge. On the other hand, (though) employees often seek to perfect their given skill; the value that they realize from their effort is determined by the employer. These individuals tend to gravitate towards other employees often within the same skill set as their own. Finally, these individuals tend to take less risk and depart from their comfort zones.

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I hope this gives you some value and insight into the mindset of an entrepreneur.

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