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What do you hunger for?



What is your passion?  Many of us simply hope for our lives to be conducted in a fair and equal manner.  The reality is that hope is passive and an ingredient for time passing by with little change. If we truly want to aspire to achieving our dreams; deliberate actions need to be taken.

The elephant in the room here is that successful people are focused, deliberate, avid readers and most of all they maintain a Be – Do – Have mindset. This means that they carry themselves as successful people do and,  (do) the things successful people do so that they can (have) success. We need to observe what successful people do, emulate what they do before we can sustain success once we have achieved it. In short, you must be prepared for success before you can (sustain) it.  I am sure we have all heard of either a big Power Ball winner or, a young athlete that signs a huge contract going pro;  only to often lose all of the wealth as quickly as they obtained it. The reason is that these individuals were not prepared for success and therefore lacked the skills/knowledge required to sustain their good fortune.

We all (hunger) for success and wealth in life. However, the people that actually achieve that dream all share the following:

Successful individuals become the CEO of their lives before becoming a success in their business!

Live the lifestyle of success! Just take the first step!

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Be Well!



Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Generally speaking Entrepreneur’s have skills and value that they (choose) to utilize by being their own CEO for achieving success. Employee’s have skills they (choose) to provide to a business in exchange for wages, the value of which is determined by the employer.

Entrepreneur’s work (on) their business while employee’s work in other peoples  business. In other words, an entrepreneur determines their own road to make a living; employees are subject to the success of the business owner and/or the demand for the products the business their employer provides in the effort to make their living.

Entrepreneur’s focus on the value of their output

Employee’s focus on the effort of their input

Entrepreneur’s focus on opportunities

Employee’s focus on obstacles

Successful entrepreneur’s are often avid readers. They firmly believe that the quality of what they take in has a direct correlation to the quality of what they offer. Entrepreneurial minded people are constantly seeking personal development and gravitate towards other successful entrepreneurs to gain their edge. On the other hand, (though) employees often seek to perfect their given skill; the value that they realize from their effort is determined by the employer. These individuals tend to gravitate towards other employees often within the same skill set as their own. Finally, these individuals tend to take less risk and depart from their comfort zones.

For more on the variables in mindset have a look at the video:


I hope this gives you some value and insight into the mindset of an entrepreneur.

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As always, Be Well and Be the CEO of You Inc

Paul Christman


Ever climb a mountain in one leap?

Of course, in the case of an entrepreneur the answer is “never”. Entrepreneurs know that there will be failures on the way up the mountain towards achieving success at the summit. We will accept risk, overcome failure and deliberately move forward.  Successful people are proactive. They just take the 1st step without seeing the whole staircase because they have prepared for success before ever achieving it.

Successful people are consistently and deliberately developing themselves in both self-discipline and what level of quality of information they take in. There are four areas that successful people always are mindful of and take deliberate action accordingly:

(Lifelong Learning) Constantly taking in relevant information. The quality of input is proportional to  the quality of productivity. Successful people are constant seekers of relevant information and positive environment from many sources such as books, podcast, webinars and live events. For my money, having just attended a live event, and mingling with my mentors and my peers is a must do on your list.

(Reprogramming your brain) The “Mindset” of deliberately accepting failures but refusing to be deterred from achieving your goals. Being the CEO of You Inc.

(Mentors) Successful people always surround themselves with other’s already successful or striving to be.

(Consistent & Deliberate) Successful people are constantly active and focused. They have a deliberate daily plan to keep them focused from distractions and taking consistent action towards success. Successful people recognize when they need to delegate tasks in order to be an effective leader and focused on success.

My mentor Jeff Lerner not only taught me in four areas above but he puts them in the forefront of everything he does with his businesses. He worked his way from being $400,000. in debt to being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the online space. Click on the link and learn more from the man himself.

The experience (is) the journey. Hope you found some value or food for thought.

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Money, Marketing, and Mindset. Being the CEO of You!

There are 3 core principles that every CEO focuses on: Money, Marketing, and Mindset. You must develop a strategy around these 3 Ms. Your behavior as the CEO must produce the results you are striving for. CEOs do not arrive by mistake; every step that is taken is deliberate. They are intentional in their climb for success. You must be too.


As the CEO of you, you cannot wait until you make money to learn how to make money. That doesn’t work. You must educate yourself prior to making money in order to make money. Otherwise, you will find your business to be more costly then productive. You must be intentional in your pursuit of profit.  


The same is true in marketing. In business, marketing is everything. You do not become a master promoter overnight. You have to be a student of marketing. You have to be a lifelong learner. What are you reading? What are you studying? Who are you following who has already succeeded in marketing? You must have a marketing game plan to succeed.  

Pay attention to the culture around you. Great marketers keep a finger on the pulse of the culture. Be able to study and evaluate the world around you. Do this through reading books, following people, and listening to conversations online and in-person. Marketing and promoting come first in business, everything else comes second.


I cannot say this enough: To create the optimal output you must have quality input. Have a game plan to keep your mind focused on what is important. It is easy to become discouraged and distracted. Fill your mind with affirmation and encouragement to stay focused. You must be deliberate in working on your mindset in order to believe in your success.  

Focus on the truth and what you are capable of doing. This will silence the critics who tell you otherwise. Seek out personal development and remove the damaging dialogue you have with yourself.

Live the Lifestyle of Success! Be the CEO of your life! Take action!

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Be well!

Paul Christman

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What is holding you back from your Dream?

Becoming a better person professionally and personally takes commitment and hard-work. I know that to work smarter you must combine hard-work, skill and relationships. Our 16 Step T3FP Marketing Success Formula  highlights exactly what people need to start making big money – and fast! It is an upgrade to your skill set and is the first step in becoming a part of a much larger team where you can build lifelong relationships that are dedicated to your success.

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and are striving to live better, fuller lives. Create accountability partners from others within your industry. People you meet through training sessions are a great place to start looking for the right fit. Keep each other motivated. Nothing will lift you and take you to the next level in your professional life as much as the relationships you build along the way.

Do you know what is holding you back? Are you aware of your limitations? The beliefs you hold about yourself, about the world, and about your ability to succeed limit you or push you forward. You must DESIRE success and have the FAITH that you will achieve it. Faith is what removes the limitations.

We each hold the power to influence our own subconscious mind. How you talk to yourself leads to success or failure, period. Learn how to set obtainable actionable goals. Write out a mission statement. Repeat your goals and how you plan to get there to yourself every morning when you wake up and every night before you fall asleep. Become obsessed with your mission statement until you can recite it on cue from memory. Train your subconscious mind to operate based on your values and with your goals clearly mapped out.

Live the Lifestyle of Success! Be the CEO of your life! Take action!

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Be well!

Paul Christman

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The experience (is) the Journey

I think this is true with both our personal lives as well as our business building.

It is great to maintain that high level of focus that is absolutely required for growing your business. However, it is often true that we drift into tunnel vision mode in our mission to build our business. We allow ourselves to lapse into a space where we exclude everything else important .  At best, we inhibit our being able to enjoy the ride of life; rushing towards a goal we keep changing as we progress in our business. At worse,  we find ourselves distracted trying to right the things we have neglected along the way.

We have to remember that (growth) requires delegation. Always know the value of your time so you understand when/what to delegate. This is true not only for the growth of your business but also for maintaining the time balance for your personal life as well. How many times have you suddenly thought to yourself – where has the time gone? How much have I missed in my life?

When you are out on your bike, it is much easier to maintain your balance when both wheels are in motion. So, it is only logical that maintaining the balance between our family life and business life requires cultivation and motion in both.

The key to having success in life is being present in all portions of our lives. We only have this one life and allowing yourself to feel the ride of the entire journey is the path to fulfillment.


As always, be well, be safe, and be in the moment…….. they only come once!

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Lifestyle Success – What influences your success?

Take the 1st step in Faith

You do not have to see the whole staircase

Just – take the first step

(Martin Luther-King)

The dilemma is in making the “decision” to take action. For many of us, this decision to act is much harder that we think. Often, the triggers which are embedded in our thinking are the root cause of what inhibits us from making a decision and then acting upon it. In some cases it could be that we are introverted and taking certain actions just creates anxiety when attempting something outside our comfort zones. Another inhibitor may simply be from a fear of negative feedback regarding a previous action or future act. Another inhibitor may just be the fear of the unknown. It is a proven fact that there can be no learned behavior, no growth, if one does not venture away from their own comfort zone(s). If you allow your embedded inhibitions time, these inhibitions will become automatic and will thwart you from taking any action outside of your comfort zone.

The fact is, this is true and applicable in both our personal as well as our business decisions. Make no mistake – this has often been a challenge in my life that I had and continue to work at on a daily basis to overcome.

When we are faced with any fear, we have to ask ourselves if that fear is rooted internally within ourselves or from perceived external dynamics. When I have faced certain fears, I asked myself if fear arose because I lacked trust/faith in myself or was I being inhibited by the fear of what friends or colleagues reaction would be? From a logical standpoint, I know I am confident in myself and trust my ability to make good choices for myself. I also understand that nothing can be gained (growth) by standing still. Progress can only happen with movement, with action.

I also know from my best experiences:

  • Progress feels good
  • Feeling good is Positive by nature
  • Positivity is Freedom

As a result of polling myself; I quickly learned that often my fears were based on a preconceived idea on what “others” would think of me or say about me or my actions!

I recently read two different statements in one of the books I am reading:

  • What others think of me is (really) none of my business
  • Words are mirrors

Both of these are based on the same theme. Logically, other people’s thoughts are their own beliefs – they are not necessarily your beliefs at all. The latter statement is really pointing out that what you hear/see from external forces reflects their feelings/beliefs (not) our own thoughts.

The irony of it all is that subconsciously we do things every single day where we take action simply on faith. Here is just one example: When you are driving your car @ night and your headlights only illuminate the 200’ directly in front of you at a time. You just have trust/faith that the next 200’ will appear from the dark. Think about that…..

Why are we just comfortable and accept some things on faith but simply and automatically reject other fears or leaps of faith?

The bottom line is we need to think about what triggers our own internal auto-responses that have become embedded within us over time. In order for growth/progress to begin it starts by embracing and taking action to minimize them.

We all have the ability to control/program our thoughts. When you do this (daily) you can and will change the course of your life. It is all about the “decision” to take action. One thing is for sure; if you do not decide to act on your fears, those fears will remain embedded and your reaction to those fears will leave you without progress in any way. You will continue to live the life that you let external forces script for you with no regard for what your hopes and dreams may be.

Live the Lifestyle of Success! Be the CEO of your life! Take action!

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Be well!

Paul Christman

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Simplify the work and Success will follow

You do not need to see the whole staircase in order to take the first step!

It is said that success is born in the decision. This does not mean success comes with making  the mere decision to succeed. Success can only be achieved when the decision is made to take the actions required to work towards reaching your goals. You must be dedicated and focused at all times in staying on the path leading to success.

Once you set your mind (commit yourself) to accomplishing an objective, there are three things that can derail your focus.

#1 – (Worry) or surrendering to fear is the most common distraction to maintaining focus. In short, worrying is a waste of time and more often than not eludes to concerns that likely will never happen. When you made the decision to achieve success you also envisioned a plan to accomplish success. An important part of that plan is envisioning possible obstacles and planning for them accordingly. If you have planned for something then there is no cause to worry!

#2 – (Pleasure) distracts from staying focused on the end goal by diverting you off of your plan. This is especially true when you face any emotions involved with #1 above. Always, always stay focused on your goal. Remember, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line!

#3 – (People Pleasing) The demands (on your time) can draw you away from the path towards your goal. You cannot be the “be all” and          “do all” for others and still remain focused on what’s required of yourself in achieving your goals.

In order to be a leader – you must stop being distracted into following. Stop living someone else’s dream and build your own.

Keep your focus and live your dream (NOW). Please comment and follow my blog and social media. Be well!

Paul Christman

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Not here to fit into your world; Here to build my own……


Do you remember a time when you really felt success? What I mean by that is not limited to things such as scholastic or financial successes. It is the understanding of recognizing when it may be the right time to just say maybe – to something new!

What I am referring to is a success where you know in the moment that this event would be a defining moment in your life.  A moment that will remain with you for the rest of your life. I am not talking about just a personal achievement in the moment; I am talking about that moment where you learned something about yourself that you knew right then would serve you going forward perhaps in each and every area of your life. It likely was not even about the achievement itself, but more the wall climbed and/or self limitation revealed and conquered that is pivotal. In my case it was undeniably the latter.

My moment came when I was about 15 or 16 years old. The background to the story is that all through school leading up to this point in my life, I was always considerably smaller than my peers. As a result, the (wall of fear) that I was building (not until later I would know I created all in my head) would be crippling for years to follow. I always loved sports of all kinds and was pretty good at a few of them but baseball was always where I was most confident and competent. It was the one activity that inwardly I always felt most confident when I measured myself against my peers. The moment came in a Babe Ruth League game in which our team had fallen behind in the first two innings. At that time the coach brought me in from playing shortstop to pitch in the third inning. When I went out to warm up  I heard and watched one of my teammates on the bench looking at me and saying “there goes the game”. I remember feeling a range of emotions ranging from intimidation, betrayal, all the way to anger. It was the anger I harnessed in that moment saying to myself that his words may be true in any other area but NOT HERE on the baseball field where I had always felt confident. I then started pitching with that controlled anger and throwing as hard as I could throw – every pitch. I was not getting cute but just throwing as hard as I could. I struck out the first two batters and heard the second one telling the next batter coming up “this kid is fast”. I struck the third batter in that inning. In fact, at the end I struck out the first eight batters I faced until one grounded out and another flew out. Better yet, we came back as a team and won the game! The teammate that had made the comment that set me on fire actually apologized…. I thanked him but in my mind not for the fact he had done so; I was thankful because his initial comments forced me to learn something of myself that lives with me to this day.

The lesson I learned that day is not to avoid fear (discomfort) but to embrace it. To conquer it is the greatest sense of accomplishment one can achieve. That reality was born for me that day, on that field. It has never left me and never failed me since.  It was not how I pitched that mattered at all. What I learned was that fear among my peers all those years had kept me down not because of my peers – it was because I hadn’t made the “CHOICE” to refuse to accept it and that it was within myself to control.

Today, I am 59 years old. I cannot measure in any singular way how that day changed my journey through life except that I know it began right there and I remember those four innings I pitched that day like I just came off that field.

Recently, I had another moment in my professional life that is a changing point. I have had successful management careers in several different industries including nuclear submarine construction and manufacturing and operating airships (blimps) worldwide. However, success is limited when you work for someone else and control is limited at best. I had been looking for a few years for a home based and/or online business where I could have more time with my family and simply more control over my life. Finally, I will not lie after several disappointments I found the guy with the right message at the right time that has changed my life in a profound way. It is a formula that put me in control of my life and comes with the coaching, followup, and support that all other offers simply lacked.

I met the man who along with his unique approach and dedication has become the most important mentor in my professional life. The man I am referring to is Jeff Lerner. I have included a link to the very same introduction that got me started on the way to being not only one of Jeff’s students but also one of his affiliates. All I ask is you just say MAYBE and click the link below to possibly grab a space to get started while they are available.

CLick here NOW for more information:

I hope you find value and comment back and even follow my blog going forward!

Be Well,


My first Blog post!

Hello all!

My name is Paul Christman. I currently reside in Jamestown, RI. I am originally from Berlin, New Hampshire. I have formerly worked in a number of different fields but the two longest standing would be submarine construction and more recently as an operations manager of an airship (blimp) manufacturer and operator. 

Although the latter of the two afforded me the opportunity to travel and live in many areas all across the USA, Europe, and South America; at the end of the day (as the saying goes) it was just another job with long hours and subject to the whims of the market place. The bottom line was I needed to find another way. One where I was calling the shots and where I could spend more time with my family. In other words, a home based business felt like the ticket for me.

If you are like me, you probably searched and even started researching many ads for big $$$ opportunities online. More often than not (as was the case for me) you get started only to find out after getting in the front door; you were abandoned and left to figure it out on your own. You are not alone! However, I was determined to locate the right opportunity for me that would allow me to control my own destiny.

A little less than a year ago I stumbled across an ad for an opportunity to learn about an online business which included a short video featuring a guy by the name of Jeff Lerner. In the video Jeff introduces himself and explains      How to Get $1,000 Commissions Delivered to Your Bank Account Over and Over Again Like Clock Work with this Unusual New “T3FP Money-Making Formula”

I will provide you with a link to the very same video I first watched (below) an ultimately turned out to be the single best decision I ever made for my life. First, I want to continue by saying that after implementing the unusual new “T3FP Money-Making Formula” I have been quite happily stunned with the results. So, what do (YOU) have to lose. Just click the link below and check it out for yourself.

I can tell you this; as I got started with my new business with the support of not only my mentor Jeff Lerner but his affiliates as well, I have never felt I was alone in this endeavor at any point.

To see the very same video that started me on the best journey of my life click here:


Every time we face a fear – we are a little more free.

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