No apologies. I want the gravy AND tiramisu for dessert.

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I’m going for it. My goal is to not only reach an income of $500 a day but I also have fun doing it! A lot of my friends are already doing it. (I like to hanging out with people who make things happen.)

What is your goal? Have you given up on anything? It’s so easy to settle for a life experience that is “ok”. By that I mean just making it financially, having everything under control and paid for but nothing left over at the end of the month. No other goals, such as a vacation or second home are possible in this scenario and life isn’t as rich or flavorful.

I found a career that I absolutely love relatively late in life, mid 40’s. I am a Spanish-language interpreter and every day is a different day. It would be so easy to kick back, remind myself how great I have it, and forget about the income part of my life because I live a comfortable middle class lifestyle.

But, I know myself. I WANT the gravy and tiramisu for dessert. It just doesn’t have integrity for me to settle even though what I have is fine. I HAVE  to go for it. I HAVE to try. Having a community surrounding me is key  to my success otherwise I listen to my self-sabotaging voice too readily.

Wanna come along for the ride? You never know what other flavors are out there unless you’re willing to taste more of what life offers.



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