What is a defining moment?

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Earning your first million in your business or earning a medal in your sport could be considered a defining moment. But there are many other defining moments that are quieter and less visible. These were the ones that occur BEFORE you achieve success.

When you encounter discouragement or the defeatist voice, that is also a defining moment.  When you meet discouragement and resolve to keep going – that’s a defining moment. When the same voice that you have heard over and over say, “You’ve never done it before,” or, “this type of thing doesn’t work for someone like me, ” and, you KEEP GOING, that’s a defining moment.

You see, most people are not going to do what it takes to meet great goals. Most people will settle for comfort over what could be discouraging, tiresome or unknown.  In short, most people are too lazy to go through the emotional labor of meeting their goals.

So, just remember, when you hear that  defeatist voice, say to yourself, “Thanks for sharing,” and resolve to take the next step in your business.



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