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Something I’ve noticed about all the Top Producer’s I’ve ever met or associated with over the years, is that they all went through 3 Phases of Marketing Success before they made their first million.


Now of course, they didn’t startout Top Producers & Million Dollar Earners; they had to first learn how to market of course.


But once they learned how to market correctly, then it was about doing a few simple things, day in and day out, that made them successful.


You see, if you can see yourself doing a few simple things, day in and day out, then you too have what it takes to be successful.


Because it’s not only what you do that makes you successful; it’s what you do, daily.


So, what EXACTLY do you do?


Well, this is what my friend Jeff Lerner will teach you when you get a FREE Copy of his 7 Day Laptop Lifestyle Video Tool Kit.


Matter of fact, he shares with you this unique Formula, called “T3FP”, that he followed to earn $450K in his very first year online.


It’s pretty simple actually – once you know how it works.


Watch this video for more details about how you can get a copy, and then, submit an application to join our Laptop Lifestyle Team:


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But getting back to the Top Producers…


… here is how they did it.


They accelerated through the 3 Phases of Marketing Success.


So what are these 3 Phases of Marketing Success? 


Phase #1 is where you learn how to market other people’s stuff.


This means, marketing their Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Letters, Long Form Sales Copy, Autoresponder Follow Ups, Broadcast Messages, Shopping Cart Pages, and much more.


It’s a HUGE burden off your plate because you don’t have to figure out how to do all of the heavy lifting.


PLUS, it will save you 10’s of thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of man hours, and a TON of frustration.


This is how all the Top Producer’s & Earners begin – by marketing other people’s stuff.


And it’s exactly how many of them have gone from being broke, to rich – very quickly!


Phase #2 is where you learn how to market yourself, because after you learn to market other people’s stuff, you will have your own success story, and begin sharing it.


And then…


Phase #3 is where you can now market anything, to anyoneanywhere in the World.


This is how everyone starts in this kind of home based internet business, and how you can too.


So, where do you start?


How do YOU learn to market?


Let my friend Jeff teach you, like he already has for thousands of others.


So many of his students are 5, 6, & 7-Figure Earners.


The problem, is that he has to be selective about who he teaches.


This is why he has an Application process in place.


To make 100% sure that you really want to learn.


And, to make sure that you are the type of person that we are looking for.


Because we invest so much into your success.


I mean, if making 10K per month is your thing this year, then submit an application and let’s see if we have a good match.


If you need more information…


… Jeff explains everything in this short video.


Just for submitting an application, he will literally give you his 7 Day Laptop Lifestyle Video Tool Kit – for FREE!


That’s right.


Submit your application after watching Jeff’s video, and he’ll give you Instant Access to his most popular training ever.


And, he’ll have one of his Top Business Coaches call you right away, to walk you through the Videos, answer any questions, and put you on the fast track to success. 


Just take this first step with here and let’s get you in a position to start earning $1,000 Commissions like so many of our Members already are.


I look forward to seeing your application come through and welcoming you to the Team!


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Adam Chandler

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