[Part 5 of 7] THE Biggest Factor for Your Success in Home Business

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Welcome to my all new training series designed to help you maximize profits and create a leveraged, scalable, profitable online business in 2017.


So today, we are up to Part 5 of our 7 Part Home Based Business Success Series, and I am about to share a tip with you, that could quite possibly be THE biggest factor determining your success in home based business.


It’s something that very few in the Industry take to heart, which is also why 98% of the people in our Industry make little to no money.


Now understand, there are millions who do – so don’t think for one second that just because most people don’t – that you can’t.


One of the biggest reasons why people don’t succeed, is that they don’t really have the desire to live a life of complete & total freedom.


They say they do, but they are only giving lip service.


How do you know? Because their lips are moving.


These are the same people who buy a gym membership and use it once – the same people who want to lose weight, but can’t stop themselves from eating fast food, and the same people who say they want to become successful, but squander their time away scrolling Facebook & Instagram commenting and liking pictures of cats.


What it really all boils down to, is discipline, and getting yourself into the habit of doing things that can be difficult at first – but get easier over time – when they become a habit.


And habits are formed in only 21 days.


So, if you can become disciplined long enough to last 21 days, you should be well on your way.


You see, when you consistently do the right things, you will consistently get the right results.


It’s that simple.


Because it’s not what you do that makes you successful, it’s what you do, daily.


Now, what I am about to reveal to you here in Part 5 is really only for those with HUGE desire to become successful, those who are coachable & teachable, and those who are willing to take both immediate & massive action.


Because without doing these things, nothing else I’ve shared with you, (or will share with you in Parts 6 or 7), even matter.


So, let me put this in it’s proper perspective: 


While knowing about Email Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Funded Proposals, and outsourcing to a Business Coach is all fine and dandy, what brings everything together to make it all work in your favor, is what happens to you by attending LIVE Events.


That’s right – LIVE Events.


There is MAGIC in attending LIVE Events that so many people take for granted.


They think it’s ok because they run a home based business, to just ‘stay home’, instead of getting out to a LIVE Event when there is one taking place.


What they are missing, is that they will be the exact same person after the event is over, as when it began.


And that is a travesty.


Because your next level of success – demands a new YOU.


And this is why LIVE Events are so critical.


Because LIVE Events are not about business; they are about life.


And LIVE Events don’t change your business – they change YOU.


And once YOU’VE changed, your life will start changing.


And once your life starts changing, your BUSINESS will start changing.


And once your business starts changing, your INCOME will start changing.


That’s the key to it all.


LIVE Events are transformational.


And attending them, can either make you, or break you.


So, first, get to as many LIVE events as you can.


And second…


Never go to a LIVE event hoping to come out making more money.


Go to the event with the intention of making more of yourself.


Because that’s how you will make more money in your business.


If that’s appealing to you…


My friends & I layed down our Masterplan to help you do just that.


Plus, we have discovered the 3 Fatal Flaws that plague just about every Direct Sales Company on the Planet, and how you can prevent yourself from falling prey to any of these companies in 2017.


What we share, will no doubt, shock some people.


Be in touch again later,




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