Nuggets Neo#07: God Will Make You UNSTOPPABLE…

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Rise and Shine God’s Powerful Champions!!!

It’s a great, great morning…


Iwas reading this book “Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic, and something flashed in front of my eyes.

It was so glaring that I asked myself, “Why have I not noticed or realized it before?”

And it is all about the Power Of Prayer and how powerful it is when we ask people to pray for us.

I also had numerous experiences which was brought about by earnest prayer and the prayers of people we know.

Once vivid experience was a couple of years ago.

We were super down at that time.

Really hit our Rock-Bottom.

I had no work.

My business just collapsed.

No income coming in.

I am supporting my wife and 3 kids and it time for enrollment once again.

I was submitting applications to different corporations at that time, but still no results.


Faced with these challenges.

We lifted everything up to God, acknowledging He is in control.
Trusting His divine promise in Isaiah 41:10:

“Do not be afraid.

I am with You.

I am your God.

Let nothing terrify you.

I will make you strong and help you.

I will protect you and save you.”


My wife, also asked people she knows from our Light Of Jesus Community, to pray for this special intention.

Lo and behold. I was interviewed by one company on the last week of May, and I was told to report for work on the first week of June.

And by Mid-June, we were able to enroll our 3 kids and paid for their school fees.

And it has been a great ride ever since.



Really, God is a God is PERFECT TIMING.

His provision is there, on the dot.

We just need to believe that deep in our hearts that God want us to live life in abundance and Trust in His divine plan.

God has planted dreams in our hearts.

Dreams and goals which will make us strong.

We just need to unlock these by the power of prayer.


I realized,these are the 5 Reasons Why You Should Pray


1. Prayer Gives You Humility.

By praying to God and asking people to pray for your needs, you are humbled in such a way.

Pride is slowly being taken away from you because you acknowledge the truth that God is in control.


2. Prayer Deepens Your Relationships with Other People.

When you ask people to pray for your concerns, it actually deepens your relationship with them.

You are finally takin off your armor and you are exposing your true self to them.

You are being transparent.

And the Law of Reciprocity states that “You will Reap what You Sow.”

By asking prayers from people you know, you are actually sending them a deeper message.

A message of TRUST.

And in return, because of this trust that you gave, these people will trust you more and they will also ask you to pray for their intentions.


3. Prayer Makes You More Generous.

Try to recall.

You are more generous now than before.


And this generosity started when you started praying to God for your intentions but more so, when you started praying for other people’s intentions.

When you pray for others, you are giving them a very special gift, an that is the gift of yourself.

Your heart.

You are actually pouring your heart out to God for the needs of other people.

Selfishness has been shifted to GENEROSITY.


4. Prayer Deepens Our Relationship With God.

Since you are pouring your heart out to God with your own words, you are really conversing with Him in your own special way.

And this conversation is reciprocated.

Most of the time, you will feel as if someone is telling you something.

I believe this is the voice of God conversing with you.

How do you know if this is the voice of God?

You’ll feel Great.

You’ll feel at PEACE.

You’ll feel an OVERWHELMING LOVE deep within.

I know the feeling because that’s my experience whenever I pray.

And your prayer is deepening your relationship with God.


5. Prayer Gives You Peace.

What more can I say.

When you pray and you feel God speaking to you in your heart, there will be PEACE.

Lasting Peace. And there will also be LOVE.



How would you feel is Superman, or Batman or the Justice League Team is on your side?

You’ll feel at peace right?

What more if there is Someone bigger and more powerful than these superheroes who’s on your side?

You’ll feel peaceful.

That someone is JESUS.

And His Saving you by the Power of His Love.


He loved you so much that He Stretched out His Arms and Died for you on the Cross.

Whether you like it or not, that is the Truth.

You just need to accept that Truth and you will be FREE.

And when you have accepted this truth, PEACE and LOVE SHALL REIGN IN YOUR HEART.

And this would continue on, not only during your prayer time but throughout the day as well.

And you will begin to overflow with PEACE and LOVE.

And the people around you will experience PEACE and LOVE as well.



So, “what do I do now?”

You might ask.

Start by having a quiet moment when you wake up in the morning.

Do this everyday.

Start with a short prayer.

Doesn’t have to be an hour long.

You can start with a 15-minute quiet time.

And then it will just flow.

Before you know it, you may have spent quiet times everyday for 30 minutes already.


The most important thing here is to START TAKING ACTION.

Be the Light Of Jesus to the people around you.

God bless You.


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