Welcome To Smart Goals For Life

Welcome To Smart Goals For Life.


Hi. My name is Neo Rayos.

I created Smart Goals for one purpose alone – that is to help you achieve your Life Goals by coming up with Smart Goals and

Taking Massive Action in order for you to achieve them, so that you and your family can enjoy the Best that Life has to offer.


I am a Dad, a Husband, a Lover and an Entrepreneur rolled into one.

Together with my beautiful wife Abigail, we are building our very own Home Business

by leveraging on the power of this amazing tool – the Internet.

On this site, I will share with you simple yet powerful lessons on self-discovery, success, leadership,

and self-development which can help you on your path to greatness.


I believe that your being here is not by accident.

God has lead you here.  There are no accidents.  There are just opportunities.

What we have been given is the opportunity to learn from each other.

We are all meant to shine in this world.

God has specifically placed us here to become a rich blessing to others – that’s what I believe in.


What’s in a Name?

When I was a little boy, I really hated my name. I  think back then, it doesn’t sound good..

But as I was growing up, I realized that these are not “just names”. Our names have a meaning.

A meaning that may one day lead us to discover who we really are and what our purpose in life is.

On my quest for this discovery, I have found the true meaning behind the name that was given to me.

I was amazed at what these simple names meant.

As I look back, I realized that I was unconsciously living up to this meaning.


Therefore, putting all these together, I have defined who I am and what my purpose is.

You can call me Neo Rayos, and I am a “Peaceful Protector; A Fortress Casting Rays Of Hope To Man.”

I strongly suggest you do the same.  Knowing who you are is the first step to success.

Research the meaning of the names given to you.  You’ll be amazed.

You’ll be more amazed when you revisit your past experiences which somehow manifested that meaning.

It might even lead you to realizing what your purpose in life is.


And it all starts with a “WHY”:

Just like you, I am continuously on the lookout on how to re-invent and improve myself.

I have been researching on ways on how to earn a full-time income from home.

All of us have our own dreams.  And these are the very essence of life, to go forth and achieve those dreams that we have in our hearts.

As Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss…”


I am married to a the woman of my dreams.  A very beautiful woman indeed.  We have been blessed with 3 beautiful kids.

They are our treasures.  They are the reason why we are working so hard.

And they are the reasons why we are building our very own Online Enterprise, so we can spend more time with them.



These are our “BIG WHY’s”.  And from what we’ve learned, our WHYs must be BIG enough to make us move.

BIG enough for us to go the EXTRA MILE.  BIG enough so that our lives depend on it.  BIG enough that we are willing to DIE for it.


And if this WHY is BIG enough, the HOW will be easy.

Like I have said, everything has a reason and a season.   Our meeting is no accident.

There is so much we can learn from each other.

Shine forth and become a rich blessing to others.


God bless you on your journey…



“Helping you create the life that you deserve, NOW…”